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Sep 23, 2009 10:52 AM

Evelys drive in....a little piece of Rhode Island rip off

Never in my lifr have I felt so violated...

Last Monday night...finally getting to try the infamous bowl of Lobster Chow seen on Evelyns in Tiverton...just over the bridge from Bristol

A bowl of dry chow mein noodles...a ladle of powdered chow mein sauce...six slices of onions and 2 little pieces of overcooked lobster...

$25... uh...excuse me...when Guy Fieri says "Now Thats Money"...I thought he meant the food was good...this stunk.

A wine glass packed with ice and about two ounces if red wine punch...$9.95..."Now that's money"...sure was ...right out of my pocket

My partner sees the cod...with lemon and tomato sauce...and we watch the "cook"...and that being generous...pull it from a sysco bag...frozen

Then the hamburger for my son...we ask three cheese...the waitress checks with the "cook" no cheese...guess what it comes with...cheese...and thenm they charge us .15 cents for the slice of tomato

$78 dollars plus tip ...when checking other sites on this glorified slop vendor...I am not alone...just wish I had read the reviews before I became the sucker of the month...

Absolutely the biggest rip off in my forty years of being in the food industry.

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  1. After a couple of visits, I learned to stick to the chowder (clear, no milk/cream) and clamcakes.

    1. We recently had a similar sticker shock after ordering the lobster chow mein, a small order of clams (around 20 bucks), some chowder, and a hot dog and fries. Nothing was really good, and the chowder was pretty mediocre. I'm amazed what they charge for this stuff.

        1. re: trufflehound

          do everyone a favor...stop just encourages them...this was a pathetic experience and from what I have seen on other sites...I am far from alone...Trip Advisor is a anyone at Evelyns looking at this stuff?

          I could tell the waitress was embarassed when I ordered it...

          Never have I wanted to see someone go out of business more than this place...such a dissapointment after all the hype...
          can you tell I was upset?

        2. Well, your experience sounds awful-- that's a drag.

          I have been going to Evelyn's for ages (old owners and new) and have always had consistently good fish and chips, fried scallops, and clam cakes. I've never ventured into more adventurous fare there but I remain a fan of their basic fried seafood options (to be honest, the very notion of lobster chow mein curdles my stomach). I'll agree their prices can be steep but still worth it in my book.

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          1. re: GSM

            We have family in the area and when they moved there, we were so excited to try Evelyn's. Biggest ripoff and poor food (in my opinion) for miles. Way overpriced for sure. Not surprised to hear the cod is frozen, I bet most of the food is.

            Do yourself a favor and continue on down the road to the Commons Lunch in Little Compton. always FRESH seafood, chowder and others. Not water-Riverfront rather like Evenlyn, but the food makes up for it.

            1. re: rachgrn

              I'm not sure what route you'd take from Tiverton, but I don't think you'd be too far from the Back Eddy in Westport. I love that place. In fact, I'll be there next Saturday night. They have outstanding, fresh seafood.

              Plus you get the sunsets at no extra charge!

              1. re: Bob W

                Much as I love the Back Eddy, I hate that they don't have outdoor seating for the dinner can have cocktails or a limited deck menu (really limited, like burgers & dogs). For that reason, I end up avoiding it during the summer. Why would I want to sit indoors on a gorgeous 70 degree night by the water?

                  1. re: karlssoni

                    Not sure why, but mosquitos never seem to be a problem at restaurants w/outdoor seating areas.

          2. We drove what seemed like forever just to give it a try.Worst ever will not be back