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Sep 23, 2009 10:47 AM

Restaurants near Hotel Cavalieri

Staying in Rome for only two nights next week and we're staying at the Cavalieri (Marriott upscale, I hope). This hotel looks like it is on the outskirts which is fine with us. I've read all the wonderful recommendations for restaurants but would really appreciate a well loved restaurant (what's the word for bistro/local place?) not too far from this hotel? I know the hotel's restaurant is 3 star but we probably would enjoy finding something where we can drink lots of wine and laugh and then walk back to hotel in Paris.Of course, if this Cavalieri isn't in an upscale area, let me know that too so I can use the recommendations listed on chowhound. Thanks all!

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  1. It's a Hilton, and the subject has come up so you can do a search. I believe someone had some advice. It is an upscale area, outside the center but not outside the city, up on a hill (Monte Mario). The word you want is trattoria.

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      Thanks mbfant for your response. I will google monte mario area for restaurants. We have always tried to stay in neighborhoods not in heavy tourist areas. Afterall, the local Romans eat out undoubtedly near their homes and,I don't think, they would tend to take a bus intown to tourist areas for wonderful food. Possibly, I am wrong. We always meet wonderful people when we dine in neighborhoods. To us, there is nothing better than a neighborhood restaurant, lots of wine and good, not gastronomique food to allow you to feel the heartbeat of a city.

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        I think this was last discussed more than a year ago (might be wrong) so use the main search box, not the one relating specif to this Board

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          heres the specific prior thread I was thinking of -there are some very good ideas on it.

      2. Hi,

        The Cavalieri Hilton sits on top of the Monte Mario Hill and its a fab. hotel overlooking Rome on one side and one of most beautiful streets in Rome, Via Cadlolo, on the other. This area AKA as Balduina it's a residential area with no many trattorie or restaurants around. If you take a taxi in less than 10 minutes you would be in Prati and there you'll find lots of places to choose from. At least 4 are worth a mention:
        TRATTORIA MICCI by the Andrea Doria Market is a good choice for good Roman food and wine at reasonable prices, TRATTORIA DELL'ANGELO a loud & rustic trattoria with fixed price menu, the upscale DAL TOSCANO close to the Vatican Museums, and the old style but charming DA CESARE close to Castel Sant'Angelo that prepares also great pizza. Reservation is mandatory for all of them. BTW do not miss the great cocktails served in the hotel classy bar:-)

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          Thank you, ItalyTravelista. Your quick reply and obvious knowledge and love for all things Rome helped tremendously. We will most certainly use your suggestions next week. I will search your past replies for Amalfi-Positano area restaurants too. We will lift our first glass of wine in the Cavalieri bar and toast you!!

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            Dal Toscano is also called Giarrosto Toscano and it is a good restaurant which we always recommend to those who plan to do the Vatican Museum in a morning visit and want to find a good place for lunch. It is a short walk from the Museum to this restaurant. You should not need reservations at all for this place at lunch - have been there at lunch 3 times with different numbers in our party and always got seated with no reservations or problems.

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              Once again, Italy Travelista, I found your recommendations for Amalfi-Positano and will research them thoroughly. Thank you.
              Thank you, CJT, Dal Toscano gets a second thumbs up. We'll lunch there. I have been investigating 1/2 day tours for vatican . Any ideas?

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                Dear Foodpulse, thanks so much for your kind words:-) I'm sure you'll enjoy Rome and the food and the wine! Don't miss any wine from Bolgheri, when available. What do you have in mind for the 1/2 day tour of the Vatican? Cheers!

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                  For tour of St. Peter's Basilica, you can have one free most days at 2PM. Check with the tourist information center and ask about the tours guided by seminarians from the Pontifical North American College. Lasts more than an hour, filled with details, no cost or tips required.

                  Also at the information office, ask about a tour of the Vatican gardens. Few people know about this tour but you will see parts of Vatican City most people never do and the views are beautiful. Guided tours booked at the tourist center are not very expensive.

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                    It is certainly not upscale, but a much loved by locals trattoria near the Vatican is Sor'Eva, in the piazza della Rovere, 108.