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Sep 23, 2009 10:28 AM

Where Can I Find A Moka Pot (Stovetop Espresso Maker)?

The moka pot we purchased when we lived in Spain recently bit the dust. The handle fell off. I tried to order on online only to discover a 4 cup moka pot does not produce 4 actual cups of coffee. Four moka cups = One cup or 8 oz., according to my measuring cup. Now I'm looking for a moka pot that makes 8 to 10 moka cups or at least 2 cups or 16 oz. of coffee. I've been burned once; so I'd actually like to look at the pot before I purchase it. Any idea who sells moka pots in Austin?

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  1. I have purchased them at World Market. I don't know if they have ones that big though. Quality has been fine - I have only replaced them when accidentally left on a burner. There is probably a local place that sells them too...

    1. Since the moka pot is used to make an espresso type coffee,each cup is roughly two ounces.I have a Bialetti that I bought at Bed Bath & Beyond.I'm in NY,but if you have one near you they probably have some in stock.The one near me has a few different sizes and styles.

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        I'll check out my local BB&B. If I was in NYC this wouldn't be a problem, every neighborhood hardware store seems to sell them. I didn't discover moka coffee until I moved away from New York:(

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          I just bought a 6 cup one yesterday at Bed Bath & Beyond at 183 & Great Hills (next to the new Sprout Grocery opening soon). They had 6 and 9 cup ones there.

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            cstrombe - Thanks for the info. That's great news about the 9 cup! Do you know if they have stainless steel or aluminum?

            1. re: Helind

              I was just looking for the aluminum one so did not browse around. The ones I saw were the aluminum with the multi-sided polygon shape.

        2. I've never seen anything larger than the typical 4 cuppers on sale in the Austin area, or on this continent for that matter. However, you are looking for the "Bialetti 06801 Moka Express 9 Cup Espresso Maker" which is so reasonably priced I may have to give my coffee press a breather.

          1. Check Anderson's Coffee (I bought my La Signora there in's a classic), Central Market, Williams-Sonoma. If not there, Amazon has them. Ikea sells one, but I think they only have a small one, 4-cup version.

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            1. re: sambamaster

              Anderson's also carries the replacement gaskets! This is important as they will degrade over time and/or heavy use. However, they don't have the filter screens - I'm still looking locally for one (6 cup standard Bialetti) as shipping makes it almost reasonable to buy a new pot! They had the prepacked 3 gasket/1 filter sets for the 12 cup pots, but that was it.

              1. re: Joshvar

                I'll bet they can order any of those parts in any size. Pays to ask...and the folks there are quite friendly. (I'm living in largely-falsely-lauded-as-food-city-Portland these days and I saw a huge assortment in a local store of gaskets, screens etc)

                1. re: sambamaster

                  You would think so - however, when I spotted them, THEY didn't recognize them as something they stocked and/or ordered. Anyhow, I wasn't in a huge hurry to get a new screen, as my actual shot-pulling device was working acceptably at the time. Now that it's not, I'll probably seek them more actively.

                  Portland, huh? Sad to hear it's disappointing food-wise, but I'll leave that as my derailment contribution :)

            2. Sur la Table has real Moka pots up to 12 cups available on their website- they probably stock them at their store in the Domain too.