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Sep 23, 2009 10:07 AM

San Xi Lou HK tips

Any hints on best dishes at San Xi Lou in HK?

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  1. Anything on the Sichuan side of the menu - they have Canto/Shanghainese (I think) as well - no go.

    2 things i particularly liked:
    shui zhu yu (fish cooked in trad Sichuanese (is that a word?) style in a pot of chilli + oil) - fish is tender and slippery.
    zhang cha ya (lit. sauce + tea duck - a smoked duck of sorts). the meat is a little dry (think confit), has a great smoky flavour and falls off the bone - ideal for giving your tongue a rest from all the ma la.

    the hot pot (chilli based, of course) looks quite good too and a lot of people seem to go there just for that, but i've never ordered it.