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Sep 23, 2009 09:54 AM

Name of the big Italian market in north jersey (they have a few locations and even a gas station)??

I thought it was Croce's or Caruso's but I didnt find anything. Can you please let me know the name and if it's worth a trip from Philadelphia?

Thank you

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  1. Maybe you mean Corrado's ??

    They have a main location in Clifton, NJ & another in Wayne, NJ - not sure of anymore locations or even a gas station (maybe at the Clifton location).

    But when I am in Philadelphia - I much prefer shopping for things in the Italian market area in South Philly - but that is just me.

    Corrado's is pretty decent - just not sure if I would drive the 100 plus miles just for that.

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    1. re: FoodCad

      yes that's it. thank you. i'm curious to know where you come when you're here?

      1. re: acewex

        Talluto's, Cannuli's, DiBruno's, Spice Corner, Superior Pasta, Esposito's, Sarcone's, Isgro, Grande Cheese, etc, etc...

        Basically just up and down 9th street, I prefer family run, smallish store much more than I like BIG supermarkets - but again like I said that is just me.

        But that being said - I have driven to Philadelphia just to get Cheesesteaks and then basically turned around and headed back to NY all within 4 hours or so - but that was a LONG LONG time ago - don't think I would do that now...

        But Corrado's is good - don't get me wrong - I would just combine it with a trip to visit friends, family, etc, etc.

        1. re: FoodCad

          corrado's is a nice place to shop, but like FoodCad suggests, it's arguable whether it's worth a trip for just home shopping. If you like to purchase in bulk, you can get bushels of tomatoes, a mechanical food mill and the such, which many people do this time of year to can their own tomatoes. The bushels run about $15.00 for plums. I saw that they had San Marzano's too, but I do not know if they were truly imported.

          If you like to make your own wine, they have a wine making shop and a newly opened pet store. Regular unleaded gas was $2.21 a gallon this past Tuesday (9/22/09


          One thing that surprised me though....all the Italian Breads increased in price .20-.30 cents per's still cheaper than the regular supermarkets, but only by a dime now at best.

    2. I live only 30 minutes away and found it to be disappointing. The produce I bought went bad very quickly and I purchased some meat that turned out to be spoiled when I got home. I would not go back again.