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Sep 23, 2009 09:24 AM

First Stay in Suffolk County, LI

My wife and I will be spending several days in Long Island next week. We'll be staying in Greenport and using it as a base to explore the North and South Forks of Suffolk County. What restaurants do you recommend? We like seafood and american-style cuisine. We tend not to go to the ethnic types (thai, indian, vietnamese etc) although we do enjoy italian. We get breakfast where we're staying, so we'll be looking for spots for lunch and dinner. Any help and guidance you can give us will be very much appreciated

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  1. I like Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck:

    Otherwise, I guess I wouldn't be much help--my preference is FOR "ethnic" types like Thai, etc, but I can't stand Italian. :)

    1. I won't be the last to say this, but try North Fork Table in Southold for your fanciest meal , it will have all the foods that you enjoy prepared nicely. As a matter of fact, at least on the North Fork and Shelter Island, you won't find any thai, indian or vietnamese (although there's a new Pakastani place in Riverhead that's really good. That's the hotbed for ethnic) Lots and lots of fresh seafood. A few better than average Italian places, like A touch of Venice or A Mano, both in Mattituck I believe. Everything is pretty casual and most are reasonably priced. Now the South Fork is different, lots of variety, and ranges from good deals to ridiculously overpriced. Hundreds of places to choose from, so give us a clue or two. And if you include Montauk, that's another 30 or 40 places, and that's the ultimate place for seafood.

      World Pie in Bridgehampton might be nice for lunch. Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett for lunch or dinner. Go to Shelter Island during the day, there are a few cute places like Planet Bliss or Vine St Cafe, or maybe the Dory for a pub kinda place, you can take the North Ferry there from Greenport and then the South Ferry over to the Hamptons instead of driving all the way around. There's a Palm restaurant in Easthampton or Bobby Vans in Bridgehampton for a nice steak dinner. Ok I'm just winging it, so what sounds good to you?

      1. Check out the long Montauk thread on these boards from just a couple of months ago, IIRC.

        Also, if Starr Boggs is cooking, it's worth a trip

        1. La Plage in Wading River is a wonderful restaurant for lunch or dinner. Go around sunset for dinner (they're across the street from the beach) and enjoy!

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            And you can also visit the owner's trattoria in Rocky Poin(next town over)t, Caruso's. Doesn't have the view but same quality food if you don't want to spend the big bucks.

          2. Thanks for all your help. My wife and I just returned from a few days on LI. Wonderful time!! Our dining experiences depended more on logistics (i.e. where we happened to be when we got hungry) than any other factor. But we lucked out and enjoyed every place at which we ate.
            Tuesday Noon: Rhumbline in Greenport-great burgers.
            Tuesday evening: Capriccioso (sp ?) in Greenport-wonderful salad served family style, fresh with delicious home-made tomato dressing, pasta puttanesca with one of the lightest, freshest tomato sauces I've ever had chock-ful of green and black olives and capers.
            Wednesday lunch: The Clam Bar on the Montauk Highway just past Amagansett, non-descript looking place with a surprising menu. Had a great spicy crab and sweet corn chowder and a perfect fresh grilled tuna sandwich washed down with a Duck Walk Vinyard white wine. There is no indoor dining, just out-door tables. A stiff cool breeze made my wife fairly chilly, but it didn't bother me since I am blessed (?) with substantial amounts of "natural insulation".
            Wednesday evening: Claudio's in Greenport. a light supper with a 1/2 doz oysters (out of Pipes Bay right around the corner) and a crab cake appetizer. Both excellent.
            Thursday lunch: On the recommendation of the saleslady at the iconic "Big Duck" gift shop, we ate at "Gators" in Hampton Bays. We each had their Sauerbraten special lunch. Almost too much for lunch, the melt-in-your mouth sauerbraten was served with perfectly done braised red cabbage and two crispy potato pancakes. Since they have a 2-for-1 lunch special on Thursday, the two meals cost a total of $14.95! The only problem was their rather plebeian beer menu with not a decent german beer in sight to accompany that great lunch.
            Thursday evening: The Frisky Oyster in Greenport. Pricy!!!! But worth it. I had grilled Montauk tuna with a spicy eggplant puree and pieces of a spicy sausage (of a type I hadn't heard of before and the name of which now escapes me) on a bed of appropriately peppery watercress. My wife had a large bowl of "Cream of Great White Heirloom Tomato Soup". The soup, sure enough , was white but had an intense tomato flavor and was drizzled with chive oil. She also had a special salad with a pad thai dressing.
            The hotel at which we stayed in Greenport had a very nice continental breakfast so we didn't hit any of your recommended breakfast spots.
            Thanks again, 'hounds.