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Sep 23, 2009 09:20 AM

Tell me what to do with a smoked ham

So hubby and I are CSA members at a farm who also sells pork and beef. We stock up every so often and a while back we bought was labeled 'smoked ham'. I have no idea how many lbs it is, prob about the size of a small football.

Anyway...we both thought the word 'smoked' would imply that it is cooked already, but in its frozen state it appears not to be.

It's currently defrosting in the fridge. What should I do with it after that? Just throw it in the oven and keep checking the internal temp? Any kind of glaze or marinade or otherwise?

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  1. I suppose so. However, with the leftovers, you could make some great sandwiches with thick, crusty bread and some emmenthal, and cube some and make a nice thick pea and ham soup

    1. Using it, cubed or otherwise, in a casserole with rice, au gratin of potatoes or pasta, perhaps a bit of cheese added to the casserole. Chop it fine (or shred) and use with a mixture of other ingredients in a crepe. Prepare some light pancakes, roll them up with a ham, cheese sauce and herb filling, place these side by side in a will buttered baking dish and spoon more of the sauce over the top. Bake at 300 degrees for about thirty minutes, cover with grated cheese and continue baking until the cheese melts and browns to your liking. Makes a nice evening meal; and it's real easy to do.

      1. Contact your CSA and find out if it is indeed cooked.

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          I agree with this; sometimes it's hard to tell, and you might need to thaw it to be sure.

          I like an apricot jam/mustard/thyme glaze. But lots of different combos work with ham.

        2. I'm thinking the label will tell you if it's fully cooked or not......Look for "Fully Cooked"..."Ready to Eat"..."Heat and Serve" etc.---- If so, you may eat it as is, or heat to 140* internally for more flavor...


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            Hahaha, that works for things bought in a grocery store, but when you're buying direct from the farm, the labelling is not so detailed; you're lucky to have a label of any sort, in fact.

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              That's strange...Even the slaughter house where I've taken cattle and hogs, labels the packages.

          2. Smoked ham should be ready to eat when it's thawed; confirm for your peace of mind. Slice for eggs benedict, ham and eggs, cube for mac and cheese, black bean soup, huevos motulenos. Julienne for chef salad, grind for ham salad with chopped cornishons and a little mayo.

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              I do that when we're *finished* with the baked, glazed ham. Cut and grind and vacuum freeze. Love it.