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Sep 23, 2009 09:20 AM

A surprisingly pleasant evening in Metrowest

Hoping to get a quick bit of exercise after work, we headed for the new Bruce Freeman rail trail ( and parked at the current end point in Carlisle. Arriving in Chelmsford center, we found that the Brickhouse pizzeria ( but no info yet on second location) has opened after some fast and feverish work. They have a full bar and outside seating (Ruby was welcome on the deck). We ordered a few drafts and then decided why not dinner? Our Thanksgiving in a sub sandwich was enjoyable-- no premade Purdue® here-- store cooked turkey breast. The vegetarian calzone was pleasantly hefty and full of high quality ingredients. But the clincher was the owner coming over to our table and giving Ruby a big hunk of turkey, so that she wouldn't feel left out of our dining experience. Anyone else had a pleasant surprise lately in our neck of the woods?

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