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Sep 23, 2009 08:38 AM

Callebaut cocoa powder PHX/SCT

I have a chocolate cake recipe I want to make soon. I would like to use Callebaut cocoa powder but not sure where to find it in the Valley. I live near Cave Creek-- I'm willing to drive a ways, but not a crazy long distance (>35 mi). I know there must be places here that carry high end groceries/baking ingredients. You'd think AJ's would, but no! They only have Hershey's and Nestle's cocoa. I also saw that there was a Callebaut shop in Kierland Commons, but I think maybe it has closed?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yeah, the Callebaut chocolate shop moved out of Kierland several years ago, & moved to less expensive digs at Pima & FLW. However, I believe that location closed over the summer.

    Call Sur le Table at Kierland -- I may have seen it there. And if they don't have Callebaut, they may have Scharffenberger or another of the high quality ones. (Note that some of the high-end cocoa powders come as "sweetened" or "unsweetened", so be sure to specify which you need.)

    Did you check the AJs at Pinnacle Peak & Pima? (Or just the one further north on Pima.) In my experience, they sometimes have things that the other branches don't. My only other thought, a longshot, would be Whole Foods. (Again, I find that the Tatum/Shea branch has more depth than the Scottsdale/101.)

    Unfortunately, if you have your heart set on the Callebaut, I'm afraid you may be into "order it on the internet" territory.

    1. If you are willing to substitute Sharffen Berger (sp.) for the Callebaut, they sell SB at AJ's (at least they do at the one near me - FLW & Thompson Peak).

      1. Thanks for the ideas! I went out shopping at a few places today and thought I would share my findings with my fellow, and future, Chowhounds.

        AJ's at Pima/Pinnacle Peak: regular Hershey's and Nestle's cocoa

        Whole Foods at Raintree: Droste (supposed to be good), Green and Black's, Sharffenberger, Ghirardelli, Dagoba and a couple others that were not appealing to me so I don't remember them. Whole Foods at Scottsdale/101 does not carry Callebaut either (I called).

        Sweet Basil at Scottsdale/Shea: no cocoa powder at all

        Sur la Table at Kierland: no Callebaut. I just phoned to ask, so not sure what kinds they stock.

        Safeway at Ashler Hills and Scottsdale: Hershey's Special Dark (also supposed to be good), Ghirardelli and I think regular Hershey's, maybe Nestle's.

        **As an interesting aside, the Safeway mentioned above also carries Nabisco's Famous Wafers (chocolate wafer cookies)! I swear they didn't have them before because I searched high and low and could never find them.

        I'm going to keep looking for Callebaut and I will let you know what I find. In the mean time I'm gonna try Green and Black's and Hershey's Special Dark.