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Pick your own Apples?

Hi all, I apologize if this has already been asked, but I didn't see anything when I searched. We are looking for a place for apple picking this weekend, about an hour or two from NYC. Westchester/Rockland/Putnam county is preferred, but we could do NJ, etc if there is a better place. No preference on apple type, just a nice place to go.

Thanks very much!

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  1. I have been to Keepsake Orchards in Hopewell Junction, NY many times and always had good experiences---good crop, reasonable prices, plentiful & varied supply, hot donuts made on site, all the autumnal trimmings available for sale, barn, haystacks, etc.

    1. wilkens farm in Yorktown (just off the taconic) is a "scene" for apple picking. Lots of NYC'ers go there for better or worse :) -- huge parking area--They have the whole truck ride to the trees, fresh donuts thing going too. We go there regularly.


      1. We just went to Outhouse Orchards this weekend in North Salem up by Katonah. Tons of apples and pears to pick from and I heard that they will have fresh cider this weekend. Also, the donuts are amazing.
        They also have local vendors set up and hay rides.

        1. If you want to go a little further than Outhouse (which is lots of fun but often VERY busy)you could also consider Blue Jay Orchards in Bethel, CT. Hay ride out to the pumpkin patch. Walking to the apples. Delicious cider and OUTSTANDING cider donuts (it's an annual family tradition for us).

          1. We go to Barton Orchards almost every year, great variety of Apples. Have to say, Wilkens is very crowded. Starts Fruit farm in Granite Springs is not bad too if you dont want to go all the way near Fishkill

              1. We like going to The Orchards of Concklin in Rockland County, and just went this past weekend as a matter of fact. Very good apples, cider, donuts- same as always.

                I posted a link on this thread last year that should give directions, varieties, etc.:

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                  I second the Orchards of Concklin. They also have the best darn sweet potato pie I've ever had, plus a huge variety of other pies that I haven't tried.

                  The Orchards of Concklin
                  2 S Mountain Rd, Pomona, NY 10970

                2. I'm a big fan of Warwick Valley Winery. They have orchards, a cafe, and live music almost every weekend. They have nice grounds where you can spread out a blanket and hang out.


                  You can also try Masker Orchards also in Warwick.


                  1. I have heard Prospect Hill Orchards is good and plan to go tomorrow.
                    They are a low spray orchard with dwarf trees.

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                      Went on Saturday and it was great! The apples were huge and had many varieties @.75 or .79 per lb. I will definitely go back next year.
                      They also had a corn maze and hayride for the kids.

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                        Yes, Prospect Hill is great. Nice low trees for easy picking. Many places (like Wilkins, which is near my house) have trees that need pickers to get the apples. And I like that they charge you by the pound so you can buy as many or as few as you like. Nice people, too.

                        And the hayride is for adults, too!

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                        I second Prospect Hill - we've gone two years in a row now and had a great time. This is mostly apple picking - no carnival. There's a great variety of apples and they're DELICIOUS - they should have weighed my boys on the way in and out and charged me by the pound. It was $.75/lb, which is a good price. They're really nice and have a great pumpkin "patch" and a picnic area. Highly recommended! Low spray and IPM - not many of those around here.

                      3. We have been going to Applewood in Warwick, NY for almost 10 years. Their apples are consistently good, and they have puppet shows, animals, and live music to entertain the kids while you picnic in the yard.

                        1. Try Bishops Orchands below Guilford Ct off exit 57 of 95. Beautiful low hanging apples and pears... and 25% off on raspberries this Sat because the bushes are overloaded and a weather bump Sun and mon will hold down on harvesting. I love their mac's -- they've won awards around the country. And if they're popping Kettle Corn outside the store, indulge. It's the best I've ever tasted, imbued with real Vermont maple syrup.

                          Don't eat too many fruit tho, because a mile or so up the Boston Post Road, there's a place called "The Place." It's an outdoor bbq of lobsters, clams, fish, chicken and steak. Wooden tables, stately oaks,an umbrella of smoke rising in the air, and stumps for your rumps. BYOB (they supply the glasses). The September savory taste of their roasted clams will haunt your food memories over the long winter and are not to be missed. I've never tried the fish (can't pass up the lobster), but Roadfood's Michael Stern waxes poetic about their grilled bluefish.

                          Hit it around 4-5 to avoid the long lines that form on weekend nites, esp. as season ends.

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                            If you'd like to try a place in NJ try Eastmont Orchards right outside Colts Neck. Now is the time for apples, you missed some of the best peaches & nectarines last month.
                            www.eastmontorchards.com Now is also pumpkin pickin time. enjoy

                          2. We like picking in Warwick. A couple of times we tried Dr. Davies' Farm near Nyack (closer to NYC), but dangit the atmosphere is just too pinched. Not very friendly. And more expensive than anywhere else we've been.
                            Warwick, although farther away, is a lovely drive, and home to both Applewood (winery too) and Maskers. Maskers is a big operation, but they do it well, and my kids definitely preferred it hands-down to the Dr. Davies Farm.

                            Plus, as someone else mentions, you have the opportunity after apple-picking to sample the freshest yummiest ice cream around at Bellvale Farms on Rt. 17A.
                            We had a great day today.

                            1. we have also gone to Barton Orchards many times and love it. Stuarts is also good and a bit closer, Wilkens in Yorktown gets very crowded did not love

                              Barton Orchards
                              63 Apple Tree Ln, NY 12570

                              1. Aside from Prospect, which farms charge by the pound? We really don't want to have to buy half a bushel of apples. Thanks!

                                1. These all sound lovely... wondering if any of these places are accesible by public transport (even if it requires a cab after the train or bus)?

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                                    Outhouse Orchards in North Salem is probably your best bet. I would call them and ask for their suggestion of train station, and you'd need to take a cab after Metro North.

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                                      I did not care for Outhouse Orchards at all. The apples were not all ripe, the crowds were terrible, the fried foods really smelled bad, and the trees were so tall, you have to use poles to pick the apples, and there aren't enough supplied.

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                                        It would not be my first (or second) choice but when you're asking for something near public transportation (which is the post I was replying to), your choices are very limited.

                                        I am a big fan of Prospect Hill Orchards in Milton, but there's no way you are getting there without a car.

                                  2. Averill Farm in the unmatchable Washington, CT