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tipping for delivery?

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i've been living in carroll gardens/cobble hill for years and never know if the amount i tip for delivery is appropriate for the neighborhood. how much do you guys typically tip for, say, a $30 delivery?

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  1. My wife and I talk about this all the time. I feel like delivery guys do a lot more work to get food to you than a waiter does, but on the other hand they don't need the food knowledge or professionalism of a server. With that said, I would tip about $5 on a $30 delivery. I usually get a good response, which makes me think most times they only get a buck or two.

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      agreed - i usually tip about 3$ on something under 20$. over that, it is usually about 5$.

    2. The customary baseline norm is 10%, rounded up to the nearest dollar, with extra if the delivery person has to navigate crappy weather, icy walkways, and/or climb stairs, et cet.