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Sep 23, 2009 08:14 AM

Seafood downtown - Eddie V's or Gumbo's the Best Choice?

I'm not a big fan of seafood dining in general, I can cook a good piece of fish at home for less than $30... But, we're meeting downtown for dinner and my friend likes seafood (not sushi). Eddie V's or Gumbo's the best choice?

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  1. Eddie V's has several good steak and other choices so you can opt for those.
    Gumbo's has some great steaks with some cajun sauces

    Both places are very good and offer great service so you'd be happy either.

    1. It depends on what you are looking for. Gumbo's is more Cajun, whereas Eddie V's is more standard fare. Both are good, just different. In my experience Eddie V's is more expensive, and not a place I would frequent just because of cost.

      1. I've been to Perla's once and thought it was pretty good. Definitely pricey and not quite downtown but something to consider.

        Parkside also has a decent amount of seafood and is very good. I think you can see the menu for both online to see if they fit your needs.

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          Parkside is a good choice. I like the scallops, and they have a large oyster selection.

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          1. Not a fan of Eddie V's. Eddie V's and Truluck's are very similar and almost sport the same menu and prices. Both are very popular though, and I would pick Truluck's over Eddie V's. I've never never eaten at Gumbo's.

            But my pick would definitely be Perla's, which is a bit south of downtown. It's a great place.

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              You can search this board for reviews on Perla's. It's pretty expensive for the portion size and if you're not a seafood fan they're aren't too many alternatives on their menu.

              Eddie V's also has great HH deals in the bar/patio areas with half priced appetizers

              1. re: amykragan

                For what it's worth, I went to Eddie V's ONE time and would never go back. The food is way overpriced, and the shrimp I had was WAY overcooked, I sent it back I think. It was an awful experience. I had heard good things about the place, but it was very, very disappointing. I think it has evolved into a sort of scene which transcends the food. (It's owned by the folks who brought you Z Tejas).

                I'm not a big fan of Truluck's, but I've found it to be far more satisfying that Eddie's.

                1. re: sambamaster

                  You went there ONCE?

                  Personally, I think that Eddie V's blows Gumbo's out of the water. Gumbo's is way oversauced, too rich, and an anachronistic version of cajun food. I've been a bunch of times to both. I haven't been to Eddie V's in two years, though. If they have any relation to Z-Tejas, that's news to me.

                  Truluck's is straight up noreaster seafood. Fresh? Yes, but.....

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    it's roaring fork, not z'tejas, that eddie v's is related to, no?

                    1. re: NirvRush

                      Larry Foles and Guy Villavaso co-created and co-owned Z'Tejas and the others until 2007 when they sold their interest in Z'Tejas.