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Need recommendation for dinner tonight - South Boston area

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Looking for something new and exciting...something within decent price range.
I have a friend that just moved to the area and she's interested in checking out something yummy.

Nothing to eccentric....

any suggestions would be apprecatied.

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    1. Sadly, Franklin Southie is pretty much it in South Boston proper. I like St. Alphonzo and Cafe Polonia (Polish cuisine) for the food but neither have a bar area or much ambience. Not far, in Dorchester, you've got dbar, Ashmont Grill and Tavolo.

      1. I like Amrheins although I know not everyone agrees. They do a good job with their surf and turf (filet mignon & stuffed shrimp) and I love the lobster mac & cheese when they have it on special. Once into the Fall they have their chicken rissotto in a maple glazed pumpkin which IMO is absolutely amazing. Not crazy about St. Alphonzo, but more because I found the staff to be somewhat standoffish. The sandwich I had there was quite good. Another option might be Cafe Portabella. I adore their seafood pizza with a nice glass of wine.

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            Thanks for the correction, I always do that!! They also make a decent antipasto.

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              I always forget about Cafe Portabello. Thanks for reminding me!