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Sep 23, 2009 07:39 AM

Dinosaur BBQ

Any one been lately? Would love to hear thoughts...we are thinking about taking some out of town guests there this weekend

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  1. I went a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it...we had the ribs and wings and both were great. I'd suggest making a reservation, since they take them, especially if you have a large party. We originally wanted to go on a Saturday night and were told they had no availability and there would be a 2 hour wait if we walked in, and when we eventually went on Sunday at 5:30 p.m., the place was packed with a long wait, but we didn't have to wait since we had a reservation.

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      i was here sometime in july...with no reservations on a friday night, i think it was a 90 minute wait...insanity.

      food was fine...ive had much better bbq...even in nyc. it did the job though.

      not sure whats going on but dinosaur and hill country are perpetually packed these days. i dont remember either being as wildly packed as this.

    2. went labor day weekend without a reservation and the place was packed. was told there was a 2 hr wait, but the big tables in the bar area and outside are first come, first served. ended up waiting about 5-10 min to sit in bar area.

      shared the app. sampler. everything was good.

      i had the brisket/pulled pork combo plate. it was good, but light on the smoke flavor. great beer selection.

      overall it is worth the trip way uptown.

      1. I thought it was great. I like Hill Country more, but vibe up there is low key I think a little more fun. Pricing is better than other bbq places and servings are large. Area is a little remote however.. there is a subway ?1/9? about 2 blocks away (or one very long block) across 2 urban blocks. The restaurant will call a taxi for you if you need it. There are some piers nearby as well.. the last time I went was for July 4th to go to restaurant there and then see fireworks afterwards from the piers. Great beer selection. I think is best way to get a reservation there.

        1. I like it - the wings are out of this world

          1. We have been to Dinosaur in Syracuse and uptown NYC. We always had a great meal from the appetizers to the main dishes. Enjoyed the atmosphere and the service is always above par. I hate to say anyplace is the best since all are different in some way. In my eyes (and tummy) Dinosaur is one of the best BBQ joints in the city. The pulled pork is my favorite menu item.