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Sep 23, 2009 07:36 AM

Freezing corn

I want to freeze off the cob kernals but am a little confused as to how long I should boil the corn before putting it in a ice bath and then removing kernels . I have been told 30 seconds at the country market and up to 5 minutes on the net

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  1. I usually freeze the cob raw, without boiling.

    1. Corn on the stalk is constantly making glucose --- The glucose is being converted into starch --- Once the corn is pulled from the stalk glucose production ceases, but starch conversion continues --- Freezing Corn slows but does not stop the process --- Blanching practically halts the process --- If you plan to eat the corn within a couple of months...Blanch or not...Your Choice. If you plan to keep some of the corn for longer periods of time I think you will enjoy it more if you blanch first.

      How long depends on pot size, amount of water, amount of corn etc. Try 3 to 4 ears per gallon of water for a minute of two....Shock, bag/box ...freeze....Enjoy.....HTH