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Sep 23, 2009 07:29 AM

NYer looking for Sunday bday dinner in Barcelona

I'm travelling from manhattan to barcelona for my bday and am looking for a unique barcelona eating experience. Only problem is that my bday dinner will be on a sunday night and i've come to realize that most of the places i'm interested in (comerc 24, alkimia, cinc sentits) are closed on sunday nights. Does anyone know of a great (non-touristy) barcelona restaurant that is open on sundays. Definitely no italian, french, or anything we can find in nyc. Thanks!

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  1. Below is a recent thread on Sunday dinner in Barcelona.
    I think Arola is the only high end restaurant openSunday nights. I haven't eaten there but had an excellent dinner at his Madrid outpost couple years ago. There will be some tourists in just about every top restaurant in Barcelona as they depend on them to survive.

    1. The Sunday evening request comes up quite commonly on this board. One very good option is Els Pescadors, an accomplished fish/seafood restaurant in a charming old world square in Poble Nou which is one of Barcelona's traditional working neighbourhoods.

      You could walk there along the promenades/sea front from Barceloneta, maybe stopping along the way for a drink at a chiringuito if they haven't closed for the season. And afterwards maybe wander up the Rambla de Poble Nou, get a feel for the nabe and then drink a patxaran at one of the bars.

      You do get some tourists at Els Pescadors but it's much less touristy than the other places you mention.