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Sep 23, 2009 07:04 AM

Pastries with rice

In the American tradition, there are cakes or biscuits made using the rice?
Thanks for the advice they want to give me.

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  1. The only pastry I can think of would be the traditional New Orleans rice fritter known as calas. But those are a regional dish and not commonly found anymore.

    Rice did not figure as largely in the traditional American diet as potatoes, wheat or maize, the latter two providing most of the flours traditionally used for American pastries. In countries where rice is more widely consumed, such as in Asia, one finds an abundance of pastries made from rice, and accordingly fewer made with wheat or corn flour.

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      We have the rice fritter also in Italy. Anyway, I did not mean the rice flour, but recipe that use a grain of rice, for example cooked in milk. I thought there was something typical unknown to me. Thank you for the explanation.

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          I prefer cornflakes myself. They're puffed rice grains (don't know how they do that - you get them ready puffed as a breakfast cereal) coated in melted chocolate.

          1. re: Soop

            Very nice. In practice it is puffed rice wrapped in chocolate?

            1. re: cosmopolita

              not wrapped per-se. Just mixed in, and then popped in a paper cup. I guess "coated" is a better word.

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                Sorry, I don't speak English very well.
                Thanks, I will try.

                  1. re: cosmopolita

                    It is more usually the cereal mixed with marshmallow. Here's the original recipe.

                    They are really more cookies which is why I asked if they counted.

                    There are rice-based desserts, mostly rice pudding.