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Rice Cooker advice

I need to buy a new rice cooker as my National is starting to break down - the teflon is coming off the inner bowl. I LOVE the National (and I love the fact that I got it for $5 at Goodwill) but I am thinking of moving up to a Zoji. I want to be able to make steel cut oats in it, as well as barley and millet. Can someone give me some advice? Do I need an induction? A Micom? A fuzzy neuro, or just a fuzzy logic?


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  1. I purchased a small Rival unit a couple of years ago at the local supermarket for $10 on sale......works every bit as good as the larger more expensive one I've seen used in commercial kitchens. Unless you need timing features, I see no need for the extra bells and whistles.

    For the record, I have never made steel cut oats, barley or millet....so I cannot help you there....

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      I have the Rival too, and have had it for several years now. No problems with it and it has been reliable. No bells and whistles but I can't think what would b&w's I would need. Other than, maybe a nonstick surface.

    2. I have a Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy model and every time I've tried to make steel cut outs it spatters out the top vent and I have to take it apart to clean it. How do you do it?

        1. I have a Sanyo model (ECJ-HC55S/H) that I use daily. The manual says micro-computerized which I think means "fuzzy logic". I wanted an induction but I couldn't justify the cost, however I am very happy with my Sanyo. My husband is from Japan and he loves it. He also wants to take it back to Japan with us when we move back next year.
          It has a slow cook setting, steaming setting and tofu setting. We use it mostly for rice but about once a week we steam eggs and make soup. I've tried the tofu function but I'm still experimenting with it.
          It also has different rice settings. It has a porridge setting that might work for grains.
          The cooker came with 2 upper inner lids, 1 slow cooking and 1 for rice, same for the bowls, 1 for slow cooking and 1 for rice, a rice spatula, a steaming tray that has indents for eggs and a square tofu making bowl. The steam vent on the lid is also really easy to remove for cleaning.
          It's going on Amazon for $120 now.

          1. I have a Zojirushi and previously I had a National like you. I was debating between Tiger and Zojirushi and at the end, I got Zojirushi because the elephant icon is so cool.

            I don't know if the fuzzy logic makes a huge difference, but it certainly does not hurt. Keep in mind that these rice cookers are utlimately designed for cooking rice. Any other function is secondary and may not work well. You can certainly cook oats, millet in it, but youmay have to play around a bit to get a feel for the water to grain ratio.

            1. I believe my Zoji is a fuzzy, not a neuro. I bought it because I wanted a cooker to do brown rice. I used it quite a bit before taking it off the counter when we started to show our house. I do pull it out for brown rice; otherwise I've largely gone back to the micro for rice. I never mastered cooking cereal in it. It does do excellent rice, white or brown.

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                I ended up with the Zoji 5.5 cup fuzzy neuro - I have busted it out of the box, and we are planning on making our oat tomorrow morning with it, on a timer. I have had a look at the thread re: steel cut oats, but I do not want the splattering issue. I usually use a 4 - 1 water to oats ratio. Should I cut it to 3 - 1

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                  I should also add (with better grammar this time) that we like our oats more solid than liquid. I.e. I don't want to use the porridge setting on the cooker. Can I use the brown rice setting?

              2. i have a miracle brand rice cooker. its good because stainless steel and glass are the only materials that contact the food. plastic only on the outside of device and no teflon. only bad thing is the small hole in the glass lid...why have that?

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                  Isn't the hole for releasing steam?

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                    well yeah, but all the old pressure cookers i've seen have lids without a hole. i don't think its necessary; i can only understand why they put a whole in the lid as a legal liability issue, but to me the effect of it is that it's counterproductive to cooking rice.