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Sep 23, 2009 06:47 AM


Had an excellent meal there recently. Lovely beef carpaccio, followed by a "Tuscan Grille"--a thick-cut, perfectly cooked steak with oil and rosemary. Really, really fine. I asked the chef why she did not call it Bifstek Fiorentina, which it certainly reminded me of. She said it was a different cut, but if I called in advance she'd fix the Fiorentina.

I have been to Mangia Qui several times over the years, and always found it first-rate. Nice place where everyone seems to have a good time. Professional, friendly staff. Highly recomment it; if I lived in Harrisburg, I'd go there a lot.

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  1. I've been to the tapas place upstairs, Suba, but not to Mangia Qui proper. We were quite pleasantly surprised! We're not out in that area very often, but have put this place on our "to try again" list.

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      Only been once, but loved it, and can't wait to go back again!

    2. OMG! The Tuscan Grille must be the second best steak of my entire life. Well, half of it -- I had to split with my man (22 oz. are you kidding me? Who can eat that much meat in one sitting???).

      Had the grilled king trumpet mushrooms & endive salad with olives, pistachios, and peppadews as apps, both of which were really nice.

      Split the rigatoni with maitake mushrooms in truffled sheep's milk cheese, which were meh. Clearly used truffle oil, and the pasta was underdone, which is kinda ludicrous for an Italian place. If anything, they should have cooking their pasta right down to a tee.

      But the steak was perfect. Just perfect. I'd recommend the place for that dish alone, though I would recommend to split it, even if you just have an appetizer.