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Sep 23, 2009 05:59 AM

Dairy Free Dessert Disaster - Need suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions for a dessert for a friends cocktail soiree. I am allergic to dairy, and they all agreed that I could make a dairy free dessert. I've made tofucake before which is similar to cheesecake, but I'm not sure if its to everyone's liking.

The theme of the night is Mexican, and I was wondering if anyone can suggest dairy free mexican desserts. Or infact any dairy free desserts for dinner parties would suffice.

I might have the problem sourcing authentic mexican ingredients though, as I live in the north of Scotland and I only know of two ethnic supermarkets - one is Indian and the other is Chinese.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would suggest an Amazon Chocolate Cake (recipes all over the net, vegan) - add a spoonful of cinnamon to the dry ingredients and use coffee instead of water. Mexican chocolate cake!

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      I was going to suggest the exact same thing...I have a delicious vegan chocolate cake recipe that I found on the web a few years back - would post the link if I knew what it was, but I can post the recipe if you want it. Use a nice dark chocolate and make a cinnamon chocolate glaze and you've got yourself a decadent, dairy-free dessert!

    2. Why not try a Mexican biscuit called Bizcochitos that is already dairy-free?

      Bizcochitos are crumbly rich Christmas-time biscuits flavoured with anise seed, cinnamon and brandy.

      They're traditionally made with lard, but you can substitute another dairy-free solid fat like shortening or margarine.

      This recipe in this blog post here looks quite like to one I've used before, but I didn't have brandy to hand and substituted orange juice:

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        This thread has a lot of information about Mexican pan dulce, which is also almost always dairy-free:

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          coconut oil could be a good stand-in for the lard.

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            Seems it doesn't need to be veg/vegan, just free of dairy, so lard not automatically ruled out.

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              figured i'd err on the side of caution in light of the OP's screen name ;)

        2. Perhaps you might take along some churros dusted in cinnamon and sugar. The confiture filling is optional. You could also make a coconut custard (thickened either with cornstarch or gelatin). The coconut milk should be readily available at your Indian market.

          1. Mexican chocolate sorbet - I like the David Leibowitz (sp?) recipe readily available online - throw in some cinnamon and or chilis to give it a Mexican slant. I have also made it with passion fruit. or an assortment of tropical fruit sorbets is very Mexican.

            Flan made with coconut milk or rice pudding with coconut milk topped with passion fruit or grilled/roasted pineapple.

            Vegan key lime pie - or you can simply make it dairy free and add meringue as a topping.

            Churros are great! Sopapillas, but both are best freshly made IMO.

            1. Go check out the "Would you serve a seriously ugly cake" thread on Not About Food. HillJ linked to a recipe for vegan chocolate avocado cake, which he/she said was really good. I'll try to post the link, but I'm not so good at linking...If it doesn't work, HillJ's post was on July 16.