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Sep 23, 2009 05:48 AM

Cocktail Prices


We'll be arriving in Tokyo in about a month. We've been reading up on some places to have cocktails. However I also read some horror stories of sticker shock at certain bars in Ginza. As I want to be properly prepared, I was wondering if anyone can help with information on approximate range in cost of drinks of the following places (Yen Or USD). Thanks ahead of time.

Star Bar Ginza
Tender Bar
New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

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  1. At the New York Bar, wines by the glass start at around Y1500, and cocktails are around Y1600-2100; on top of that there's a Y2000 per person cover charge, and maybe a 10% service charge. I don't know any of the others.

    1. The only Higashiya I know of is actually a wagashi cafe, but I believe that drinks at the Star Bar are similar to those at NY Bar.