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Sep 23, 2009 04:42 AM

(inexpen) dinner - Annex , Bloor-Yorkville, ideas?

I am looking for place for dinner for two, in the Annex, or Bloor-Yorkville, anywhere just north of the University of Toronto.
We very much like Le Paradis (a CH suggestion - thank you) - and are looking for similiar area and price point but maybe a different cuisine (except not sushi or vegetarian).
Any ideas appreciated!! Thank you!
PS All here have so helpful - I will post report when home.

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  1. Boulevard Cafe or 93 Harbord on Harbord St. BC is Peruvian, 93 Harbord is Middle-Eastern inspired. Both are great, casual spots. After dinner, go down the street to Dessert Trends for great ice cream and gelatos.

    1. Bistro Tournesal? Haven't been in years but used to be OK.

      1. - L'Unita for ( although it might be pushing your budget
        - Universal Grill is one of my favourite "secret' spots ( although it might be pushing the geography
        - Bar Mercurio is not-bad (
        )- my favourite in Yorkville is Caren's (


        - if you are willing to go west to Harbord you can open up a host of other great options (as TJo suggests)... second 93 Harbord... I haven't had the chance to try the Harbord Room or Tati