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Sep 22, 2009 11:43 PM

Pierside Seafood Restaurant (Pismo Beach): Not Too Good

What a difference a year makes. Last September (2008), we made our trek to downtown Pismo Beach to eat at the Pierside Seafood Restaurant. It has always been a.....well.....uhhhh.......lets just call it a 'built on the beach, beachy style restaurant' where the deep fried fish & chips were pretty good.

Now, Sept. 22, 2009, we ate at the Pierside at sundown this evening. What a difference one year can make. The place was pretty empty, it was a Tuesday evening after all. We were seated up stairs which has a commanding view of the Pismo Pier extending out into the Pacific Ocean. Now, if you could just see through the filthy windows. The view also looked down on the torn fabric covered patio. All the tables were dirty when we first arrived. After being escorted to our table, we had to wait while a feeble attempt was made to wipe down one of the filthy tables. Once seated on the nicely duct taped booths, we ordered. The food was delivered promptly by a pleasent waitress who had to climb up and down the stairs. We noticed that the food portions had been cut down in size. Most prices increased. The little extras that management apparently feel customers don't care about (ie, salt water taffey at end of meal) have been eliminated. Even all of the fiberglass fish and other aquatic life replicas were missing.

If there are indeed new owners like we heard, one would hope that they get their act together soon, before they lose any more customers. My wife told me that she would like to avoid the Pierside Seafood restaurant on our next trip up to the Central Coast.


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  1. Not to be confused with Pete's Pierside on the Harford Pier in Avila Beach.

    If you like seafood in a casual setting, you'd like Bayside Cafe at the marina in Morro Bay State Park. Good food, consciencious service, and a tranquil and picturesque setting.

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      Haa, yes, toodie jane, I agree. After I typed my critique of the restaurant, I edited my notation to make sure I included Pismo Beach as the location. NOT Pete's Pierside on the Harford Pier in Avila Beach. We may drive up to Morro Bay tomorrow then return to Pismo Beach Lighthouse Suites for our last night on the Central Coast before returning to the HOT Arizona desert. Maybe we will try the Bayside Cafe. I believe I got a cup of coffee there years ago. And regarding glbtrtr comments, I had to laugh. When we were in HotLix at Pismo the other night, one of the employees tried to get me to try a meal worm. Although it looked delicious, I respectfully declined.

      1. re: Big N Fat

        Ahhhhh. Hope you are enjoying our fog this morning!

        If you like rich ice cream, don't miss Doc Bernstein's in Arroyo Grande village. I block east off 101 at the Grand Ave exit .

        Today is Farmer's Market in downtown (West Village) in Cambria, late afternoon. Always a nice market.

        Also FM this afternoon in Avila Beach on the newish Promenade. Good coffee at Joe Mama's. You can hike the gorgeous Avila Valley riparian corridor on the Bob Jones trail (it's a saunter) from the frontage road parking lot at San Luis Creek near Avila Hot Springs--out to Avilal Beach rather than drive out if you desire. About 4 miles round trip. There is a deli about 1/2 way along the trail if you need drinks or snacks.

    2. Delicious freshly made coffee flavored salt water Taffy at HotLicks on the mainstreet downtown Pismo, a block down from Mo's. And dozens of other flavors, but why bother.

      Unique bugs in fanciful flavored lollipops alsofor those just hankering for some more protein. Just the thing for your kid to bring to science class.