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New Yorkers Visiting Montreal

Hi, two New York Chowhounds visiting Montreal. I haven't been there since I was ten so I don't know the city very well at all & browsing through all the threads is quite overwhelming! Here's my partial & incomplete list from what I've read:

Breakfast & Lunch:
Reservoir (for brunch)
Le Petit Aleb
Olive & Gourmando
Cluny Art Bar

*Au Pied De Cochon (this is definite, which day is best? Fri-Sun?)
Le P'tit Lateau

La Banquise Resto
Diex Du Ciel
Cocoa Locale, Fous Desserts, Juliette et Chocolat, Premier Moisson (for desserts & pastries)
Garde Manger

Let me know if you have an opinion on any one of those -- must-visit, not worth it, etc. Also in what area are those restaurants?

We're staying here:
Castel Saint Denis Hotel
(514) 842-9719
2099 Saint Denis Street Montreal, QC H2X 3K8 Canada

If you have any more recommendations, anything from breakfast to dinner (not too pricey, Au Pied du Cochon is our blow-out meal in Montreal and we're most likely having another one in Quebec City) that would be wonderful. We love any cuisine except for Italian and Mexican and prefer local and seasonal ingredients. And of course something we can't easily find in NYC would be a plus!

Much thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd skip l'express and do something more like "Laloux", the new "Newtown" or maybe "3 petits bouchons", or "La Porte" ... .

    also add "Sparrow" for a brunch for a more "british" style confort food.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      I agree for Sparrow.

      Also you can check these for dinner :

      Les infidèles (BYOW)
      La Montée

      If you choose a BYOW :

    2. Ha, ha...in case you need to google some of these restaurants it's:
      le Petit Alep
      Le P'tit Plateau
      Dieu du Ciel.

      And, of course for local and seasonal, you should head to Jean-Talon Market and, if you have time, Atwater Market.

      1. Skip Cocoa Locale, the cupcakes you can get in NY blows them away.

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        1. re: Evilbanana11

          totally agree with that point

          come to think of it, you're not going for smoked meat? Or bagel to fuel the eternal nyc vs montreal debate on who has the best bagel?

          1. re: mak2k

            I agree. Schwartz's is better than the Carnegie Deli for sure.

            1. re: williej

              and cheaper too!

              i would also suggest the fried pork chop at amigo

              1. re: williej

                I haven't eaten at Schwartz's, but Katz's deli in NYC blows Carnegie away. I would also opt to try some Montreal bagels (St Viateur is my choice) which I like much better than NY bagels.

                1. re: kimfair1

                  a little background: ( 41 years old now)
                  Schwartz's: first ate there when I was 12yo and then walked all over the city to find it again at 20 something and have not been back to Montreal since
                  Katz's: ate there last April after walking through theVillage & East side and eaten there just about every trip to nyc but not for about 10yo.
                  (walkiing has something to do with it tasting better)
                  Carnegie: ate there at 18yo, boss took me, massive sandwich but never went back no desire to.

                  Conclusion: Mouth savours Schwartz's (have visted website for a visual fix) but this could be because of space time distance.
                  Would not pass on either.
                  Addendum: Montreal bagels are better - duck fast now.

          2. Skip Premiere Moisson. Stick with Fous Desserts, and add Mamie Clafoutis to your list. Au Pied de Cochon, while a blow-out meal in terms of calories, isn't anything fancy, and not too bad price-wise either. But definitely worth visiting - just ensure you reserve in advance, especially for a weekend.

            1. If you're planning on going to La Banquise for poutine (of course, what other reason could you possibly have) I'd just like to say that while they DO make a decent poutine, it's not the best in town. For my money, and for a uniquely Montreal experience hit up Paul Patate (2606 de Coleraine in Point St. Charles, a short walk form the Charlevoix Metro station on the green line). They have really good poutine but the kicker is that they make their own spruce beer! And it's fantastic! Nothing beats a good poutine/biere d'epinette combo. Also nearby, just down Centre street you'll find what's probably my favourite smoked meat in town at Quebec Smoked Meat (1889 Rue Du Centre). You can pick up a pound, a loaf of bread and some mustard and if the weather's nice, make some sandwiches by the canal.

              1. I don't think Juliette et Chocolat is necessarily worth going out of your way for, but it's very close to your hotel, so you might as well check it out for breakfast or a coffee jolt some time during your stay.

                Pretty much all of your restaurants (save Petit Alep) are either in the old port or the plateau, so you're situated more or less in the middle of anywhere you're planning to go :)

                1. Thank you so much for the replies -- I know it's gonna sound terrible being a New Yorker and all, but we're not huge fans of smoked meats and bagels (though I *am* curious what a Montreal-style bagel is like so may try that if I need a snack) but I appreciate all the suggestions -- too much food, too little time! If anyone else has any opinions on the restaurants I've already listed OR have new suggestions -- throw 'em our way!

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                      Juliette et Chocolat is very close to your hotel, nice for a chocolate fondue or just a glass of chocolate (!). Also a short walk up along St-Denis is Restaurant 5000 Ans, a good Korean place, Café Cherrier which has a Parisian vibe, and if you cross Carré St-Louis and walk over a bit you can try the tartare bar at Marché 27. These are all suggestions that are very close by. Reservoir is closer than any of your other lunch choices, and if you head up to Mont-Royal it is easy enough to visit Premiere Moisson and the St-Viateur Café (where they have bagels) to try out breads, patés, things like that, also nice for lunch or a picnic. Your dinner choices and the suggestions here are all really good .. you could add Pinxto to the list, really nice Basque tapas also close to your hotel. I'm getting hungry ...

                    2. re: uwsister

                      Try Griffintown cafe restaurant (near montagne). weekend brunch has quickly become one of my favorites.
                      L'express is a great post show or event place. essentially a the best place to eat out after
                      I also must say l'orignal has a bar menu which is pretty good until 2am
                      11pm. Moreover the wine list is very fair to the price
                      for sushi (this may be a bit of a budget issue) kaizen. but totally worth it
                      M sur Mason is also a pretty good bet along
                      I also had an amazing brunch at Sparrow