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Sep 22, 2009 08:56 PM

One World Market, Novi, MI

Has anyone tried the sushi at this market? It seems to be affiliated somehow with Noble Fish, which has good (and cheap) sushi but is a long haul for those of us in the western reaches of the metro Detroit area.

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  1. If it's Sushi-Do! brand sushi, then yes: it's directly made by the fine folks at Noble Fish. In fact, Noble sells it in their coolers at their grocery, and I've seen the sushi chefs bringing it out themselves. It's actually less expensive buying it in the containers than it is getting it from the kitchen itself in the restaurant, but of course, no special orders, no extra ginger/wasabi, etc. Great for on-the-go, though.

    On that note, is anyone rather taken aback at how lousy the sushi is from the company that does the sushi kiosks at Kroger/Wal-Mart, etc.? Pretty lousy stuff, for the most part, even if it is inexpensive. Sometimes, "costs a little more, but it's worth it" comes into play, and this is definitely a prime example of that.

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    1. re: boagman

      Noble Fish is certainly my favorite. My local Kroger has a sushi chef working on-site.
      She'll make special orders whie you wait ... and I've been happy with her work/product.
      I don't buy it out of the freezer case.

      1. re: boagman

        I call that "snack sushi". Not horrible if you need a quick fix, but not as good as what you get in restaurants.
        Jim, have you tried the various small sushi places like Sushi Den in Walled Lake (Maple and Pontiac Trail) or Sanka Tei on 14 and Haggerty?
        Had Noble Fish for the first time this past weekend. It's good to know I won't have to go there's a close option for that, no knock on the above-mentioned places.

        1. re: boagman

          "is anyone rather taken aback at how lousy the sushi is from the company that does the sushi kiosks at Kroger? "

          You won't catch me singing the praises of Krogers any time soon, however their Sushi in my area is made on site by employees of Mon Jin Lau. It is very good all though not inexpensive here. The stuff at other kiosks I have seen looks so crappy I wouldn't even try it.
          I had never noticed the pre-made trays at Noble being any less expensive than ordering at the counter.
          Jim the folks that own Noble Fish also own One World Market so there should be no need to drive all the way over to Noble Fish.

          1. re: Fritter

            Plum Market in AA also has Mon Jin Lau sushi--I agree, pretty good for supermarket sushi. I don't think all Krogers have it, though.

            1. re: Jim M

              Plum Market just opened in West Bloomfield where Farmer Jack was at on Maple and Orchard Lake.

            2. re: Fritter

              Fritter, would you mind telling me which Kroger that you frequent? I'm always a little hesitant to buy my sushi at Kroger. There is a Sushi-Do at Cooks and I-75 that used to be a Noble Fish, then Nobana and now Sushi-Do...wasn't sure what had happened there but glad to hear that others think it's ok. Sometimes it's just easier to pick something up while at Kroger.

              1. re: grouper

                25 & Dequindre and Romeo Plank & 26.

                1. re: Fritter

                  Ah, do they have a sign or how did you know where it came from? I'll have to check at the Kroger near me.....Crooks and South.

                2. re: grouper


                  The Kroger located at Orchard Lake & Lone Pine has a sushi stand staffed by an
                  asian lady. She'll make whatever you desire, while you wait. She also makes
                  product for the small freezer case at the kiosk.

                  1. re: rainsux

                    Yeah, but this is the same junk that I've been complaining about. I know this because I'm familiar with the product from this location: it's the Oisha stuff, and it's substandard when compared to stuff like Sushi-Do. The employee may be nice and accomodating, but she can't change the quality of the product herself. I'd avoid it.

                3. re: Fritter

                  Hmm. That must be the exception, not the rule, then. I haven't noticed that, but then again, I can honestly say that I have never in my life visited the Krogers you're speaking of, Fritter.

                  I think the sushi kiosks I'm speaking of (the crappy ones) are "Oisha" or some other name brand that's very close to that spelling. It's also telling that it's not inexpensive at your Krogers...the Oisha stuff usually is. Example: a 12 piece eel roll with white rice is usually about $6 at Kroger, and $5 at Wal-Mart.

                  Thanks for the heads-up.

                  1. re: boagman

                    I'm sure it must be different at many of the stores through out the area. I don't know what the concession is called here but an 8 piece mixed tuna nigiri and veg roll combo is over $9. Every thing in the area seems weak compared to Noble Fish.

              2. I have been there and I love their Sushi. It's made on-sight in their little restaurant. You can also buy it to go. Miso soup is $1. Everything is reasonably priced and extremely fresh. I highly recommend that you give it a try.