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Sep 22, 2009 08:46 PM

Hell's Kitchen 9/22 spoilers - 2 hrs back to back of never seen before mayhem!!

Okay, we've seen Tennille scream at the camera so that's nothing new. She didn't know venison from lamb, but lied her way thru it. Then she actually managed to cook meat properly, although she's never cooked swiss chard before. How many things has she never done before? devein shrimp, scallop, probably venison....yikes! Yet she's probably one of the top 3?! It's really a competition between Kevin and Dave, if Dave doesn't drop dead. Suzanne, Ariel and Tennille all suck!!!

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  1. I'm going to miss Van and his craziness. Sabrina? Not so much

    1. And next week, we're going to see SOMETHING! WE'VE! NEVER! SEEN! BEFORE! ON HK!

      Van was a FISH COOK. How is it that he couldn't COOK FISH?

      Sabrina's little attempt at sabotage kinda didn't work so well, did it? And Tennille is not exactly...sophisticated in regards to her food knowledge. Did she say she had never tasted PARSNIP?? Yeah, that's someone I want working at my exclusive high end resort restaurant.

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      1. re: coney with everything

        I guess that was sabotage-y on Sabrina's part, but I might have done the same thing if those two had completely shut me out like they did her. It's like "Okay, you know everything? Really? Please, then go right ahead...."

        (Though I may be taking the bait and falling for what the editors chose to show us.)

        1. re: harrie

          Sabrina had to know that she would be the one to go if her team lost so why do anything that might affect her team's chance of losing? Very shortsighted.

          1. re: sharonanne

            Actually, that was shortsighted because it was a rewards challenge. If they lose, they all had to do chores but it sets up someone else (i.e., Tennille) as being more stupid and could save her (Sabrina) from elimination.

            1. re: Ericandblueboy

              Even the rewards challenges are worth winning. I don't see how you can do a good job cooking if you're tired from mucking out the pigpen. Until the black coats come out you really do want your team to do well.

      2. I watched only bits and pieces of these two episodes (I'm going to admit I was watching DWTS <g>). Didn't expect Van to make it; wasn't sure who was kicked off until I read it here (did see the Sabrina boot).

        What happened to Dave in the midst of the 2nd show? Something with his hand going numb? And is it me, or has his cast seemed to have grown over the past few episodes? It seems massively huge compared to when he first got it on.

        And Tennille - that was an easy switch back to the other show every time she yelled in the confessional - Jaysus, can she even speak at a normal, modulated tone? Or does she yell everything? And how the hell can she not know venison or lamb? As Ramsay asked, didn't anyone TASTE the dish before putting it in front of the Olympic winners?

        Why was Ariel put up in the 2nd show as well?

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        1. re: LindaWhit

          Ariel was put up, because, hold onto your hat, she, she, she, she, burned some lettuce garnish. YES - burned it. I would have sent her home right then and there (not). Ramsay nearly had a coronary over it, and all the time I'm thinking HUH??? Raw fish, raw chicken, under/over cooked scallops, plastic wrap on fish - and you literally freak out because she let some lettuce garnish burn - I couldn't believe they put her up there - unless there was other stuff we missed. That was waaaayyyy too over the top.

          And yeah, Tennille - I've never tasted parsnip, I've never cooked swiss chard, I've....... WTF?

          And what's with Suzanne? I can't plate that. Nope, don't know how. You don't know what goes with what after 11 services???

          Dave's arm suddenly went numb after he picked up a pan that was too heavy - but he decided to "fight" through the pain and soldier on.

          And Van, you were dripping into the food. UGH.

          1. re: maisonbistro

            See? I don't need to watch the show. You did a great recap, mb. :-) Burnt lettuce garnish, and that's why they put her up? Didn't someone say (Dave?) that she was going up because she was strong competition? Or was that Sabrina in the first episode? I didn't hear/see who he said that about.

            I just don't get the raw fish and raw chicken being brought up to the pass every single show - and the fact that Scott, Heather or Ramsay ALL send it out to a table every single show. Aren't THEY there to make sure the diners don't get raw food? Oh wait. Then we wouldn't have any NEVER SEEN BEFORE drama, would we?

            And I'm a pretty decent home cook, and I've tasted and cooked both parsnips and swiss chard - and Tennille hasn't? Yikes.

            I'll repeat what I said earlier in the season - from what I've seen, this is Kevin's to lose. Not that that's saying a whole lot. The whole lot of them seems pretty incompetent.

            1. re: LindaWhit

              to recap some more, Gordon and Scott STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER BEFORE SEEN!!!!!!!!!! out of the kitchen mid-service because he's so frustrated with undercooked halibut.

              I think we've seen similarly worse before, but because this lot of contestants are so lame they have to churn the drama even more.

              I have to say , although it seemed as if Van was going to knife Gordon at one point, I will also miss his insanity and drill sargeant-esque behavior.

              Tennille and her screaming is starting to really fray my nerves and I still think although she impressed last night, there's no way she can helm a fab restaurant.

              Kevin or Monotone (whose voice almost gave me a seizure last night) are the two to beat.

              1. re: LindaWhit

                Dave, Kevin and Tennille as the top 3 were asked to nominate 2 for elimination (in the 2nd episode). Dave and Kevin admit that Ariel is better than Van, so they wanted to nominate her. Tennille agreed - and then she backtracked, which then causes Dave to go ballistic on Tennille next week (this is all according to the preview). So it was Van and Suzanne up for elimination and Gordo sent Van home.

                How is Van not used to people screaming at him? I thought you get that kind of treatment in the military on a regular basis?

                1. re: Ericandblueboy

                  Ohhhh, so Suzanne DID go up? I had heard someone say (Dave?) in front of Ramsay that the worst cook was Suzanne and that she'd go up, but Van went up because of his screw-ups during that particular service.

                  So GR removed Ariel from potential elimination and put up Suzanne? How many times does that make it that he's done THAT this season?

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    Actually, the 3 put up Ariel and then Gordo asked Tennille whether she really believes Ariel should be up. At that point, Tennille said no, she thought Suzanne should go up. Gordo then told Ariel to get back in line.

                    1. re: Ericandblueboy

                      I believe that it was originally Suzanne and Ariel up for elimination, then Gordon asked Tenille and she said she thought it should be Van up there as then he went up. After that he told Ariel to get back in line.
                      And I can't take Tenille screaming into the camera anymore. How does someone who doesn't know what swiss chard, parsnips, lamb or venison is think they can run a kitchen? What a sham...yet I keep watching...oy...

                  2. re: Ericandblueboy

                    Was it just me, or did anyone else notice that the minute Kevin said he was from Cape Cod, his New England drawl was very obvious? I had never noticed it until last night.

                    1. re: maisonbistro

                      LOL, Maison. I thought it was just me picking up the accent. For some reason that seems new.

            2. OK, I admit it, I watched maybe five minutes total of the two hours. I also admit my addiction to the remote control of our TV.
              Somebody messed up last night and not all the channels had their ad times syncronized. It was a good thing.
              I got to see both auf-ings as well as maybe a minute of a half and Ramsay yelling.
              I can't comprehend how anyone sober could devote two consequitive hours of his or her life to this show.

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              1. re: shallots

                Two reasons...
                1. Most entertaining show on at that time.
                2. Tennille yelling at the camera is quite amusing.

                1. re: dave_c

                  Tennile reminds me of Chris Rock. Maybe she ain't the best cook, but she is the most fun to watch. If you like fine cookin', Hells Kitchen ain't for you.

              2. Sometimes I understand why they keep the drama queens even if they can't cook but Suzanne doesn't even add excitement. Van added more and could even cook decently in spite of an impossible to believe run of raw halbut.