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Sep 22, 2009 08:41 PM

Looking for Fish Tacos in the East Bay

I would to find a place that serves decent wine and fish tacos. I like the grilled fish, not the breaded fried fish.

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  1. I don't know about wine, but Juan's Place in Berkeley has a different, but amazing fish taco that's grilled instead of fried. It's a big hunk of fish in a large crispy taco shell. The fish is nicely seasoned. It's all I can ever order there. Even Juan's Place detractors I've taken there like the fish tacos.

    Juan's Place
    941 Carleton St, Berkeley, CA 94710

    1. Fonda has fish tacos and wine. I can't remember if it's grilled though.

      1. Tacubaya has fish tacos. So do both locations of Los Cantaros. Have not ordered wine at either place, but I would guess that Tacubaya is more likely to offer something decent.

        1. I like the fish tacos at La Calaca Loca at 51st and Telegraph.

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          1. re: 10foot5

            How do they prepare them? grilled?

            1. re: escargot3

              They have them both grilled and beer -battered. I've only had the grilled.

              They do have wine available - but I'm not sure about the selection.

          2. Picante in Berkeley has tacos and wine. The tacos are grilled and okay, but the sauce they put on it is a little odd (ask for it on the side). Spenger's also serves fish tacos and wine.

            My favorite grilled fish tacos are at the Sinaloa Taco Truck at 22nd and wine but for a $1.25 per, great value and tasty.

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              Picante's have that sweet mango salsa. I had a taco from Spenger's Happy Hour and it was salmon! I wonder if they just use up what they need to...

              1. re: sydthekyd

                Using whatever they have left over, or trim pieces makes perfect sense esp at place that uses that much fish and for happy hour. I've had grilled fish tacos at Spengers on a lunch plate and it was white fish. They were decent, and it was 3 for $10-ish.