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Sep 22, 2009 07:55 PM

Portland dinner with Dad

I go to school in Portland, OR, and my dad and I like to try out the best most unique eateries in town. I like to go out to nicer places because, let's face it, I'm a college student, and I like to eat nice food when I get the chance. I'm looking for a place for dinner, somewhere that won't be too loud or packed. He also can't do anything spicy right now. We've tried Le Pigeon, Park Kitchen, Pok Pok, and have a reservation for Andina. I've heard great things about Sel Gris, Ten 01, Clarklewis, and Toro Bravo. Which is best? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Toro Bravo is loud AND packed, but delicious and probably the restaurant that gets mentioned for 'the best in pdx' more than any other. It is deserved praise.

    my personal top three for a 'someone else is buying' dinner would be Laurelhurst Market, Ten01, Sel Gris.

    1. Hey, wait a minute, I'm the Dad paying, but I guess only I'm to blame when I gave my kid such good taste.

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        I just ate at Beast last month and loved it. Is it just you two or a bigger party? They do two seatings at two big communal tables and that's a plus or a minus depending on your politics. We were four so it was no problem. We had some great eats. really memorable cheese course and corn panna cotta type dessert. An amazing appetizer plate with fois gras. Lots of lovely touches. Prix fix with wine pairings if you want. Great seasonal/local sourcing. Generous amount of food for the price.
        It was hypnotic watching the dishes get prepped in the dining room, face that way if you can!
        5425 NE 30th Ave
        Portland, OR 97211
        (503) 841-6968