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Sep 22, 2009 05:43 PM

Nick and Stef's $40 prix fixe

My guy loves a regular steakhouse dinner. I make 'em sometimes and mine are fab, but I'm only home for a week and am tempted to cheat a bit and take him out.
My question is whose been to N&S and esp. comments on the $40 deal.

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  1. ..."esp. comments on the $40 deal."

    You are referring to the "Nick & Stef's Steakhouse 10th Anniversary Menu" :

    You'd get: salad, filet mignon, 1 side, and dessert for $39.95. The problem is they don't tell you how big the filet is, so you should assume it's a petit filet of 6 to 7 ozs., maybe 8 if your lucky.

    IMHO, a better deal for a Steak lover is The Palm's "Classic Steak Dinner" (expiries 9/30) - soup (lobster bisque) or salad, Filet Mignon 14 oz. or NY Strip 16 oz., 1 side, but no dessert - $39.95. I would gladly give up that dessert for double the beef anytime:

    For future steak dining decisions, I did a price comparison 18 months ago you might find useful:

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    1. re: JBC

      thank you for linking that price list. great great work!

      1. re: JBC


        I'll do the Palm's. More meat for the boy plus lobster bisque for me.
        I'm w/ you about dessert. It's such a throw in thing at a regular steak place. We're better off getting really full and having ice cream the next day.

        Loved your link to steak joints pricing. Its going into my birthday rotation.

        1. re: lucygoosey

          Just in case, I thought I'd point out that Ruth's Chris Steak House is also offering a 40 dollar prix fixe right now too. You have a choice of starter, entree, and side, as well as two desserts.

          1. re: Emme

            Go to Ruth's Chris, the food is excellent. The Palm is not only not good, it's painfully mediocre.

            1. re: OC Mutt

              We went for the Palm Summer Special for Lobster, and I found the service soooo frustrating. How much he was selling the Diners' Club was just painful...

              1. re: Emme

                The Palm's service is smarmy, but I find the food painfully frustratingly mediocre. I'll only go if I'm forced for business, otherwise I feel like I'm being robbed. There are so many better steakhouses out there, I just don't get this one at all.

        2. re: JBC

          The Palm is a great suggestion. Both the Lobster and Steak specials have been wonderful, though I prefer Lobster so have had that deal more often. Too bad it is coming to an end in a few days!

          1. re: JBC


            With respect to Nick & Stef's versus The Palm.

            Are the steaks at The Palm dry aged like the ones at Nick & Stef's? I don't believe The Palm uses dry aged beef, but could be wrong. Do you know?

            This might accont for the different in size of the filets.