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Sep 22, 2009 05:21 PM

Mochi (just mochi, not ice cream) in DC

Where can I find mochi (not in the form of ice cream or as a topping for ice cream, just mochi) in DC? Preferably Metro accessible.


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  1. It's sold at H Mart in Catonsville; perhaps the local H-Marts in DC will also carry? Refrigerator section.

    1. H mart or any Japanese or Asian markets. Refrigerated or unrefrigerated section. I like the tri color ones that came from Japan.

      1. You can get fresh rice cake, Korean style, at many rice cake (dduk) stores in Annandale, like this one:

        There's another one by the Kmart in Annandale and another one on some side street behind and just past the Kmart...sorry my sense of direction is fuzzy.

        You can get Japanese style sweet mochi, or Korean style rice cakes that are boiled or steamed instead of pounded. They have kinako powder rice cakes, cakes with dried fruit and nuts embedded in them, and other cakes filled with brown sugar and sweet sesame. Definitely venture out and try some if you like mochi! All are great with tea.

        1. Double-check, but I have been told that Mochi is available at Trader Joe's, which is not far from the Foggy Bottom Metro stop.

          1. I saw some in Tenleytown Whole Foods yesterday (in the tofu section).