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Sep 22, 2009 04:29 PM

August, Cuvee or Pelican Club......

Can't make up my mind for anniversary dinner. Been to all three, but not lately.

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  1. I've not been to Cuvee or Pelican in awhile but had dinner at August twice this month. We had the 4 course tasting w/ wine paring and it was outstanding. We ordered ala carte the second time and although nearly everything was delicious, we enjoyed the tasting much more. They will let you sub a course in the tasting. Just a heads up, my son had the chanterelle tart app, which turnred out to be the only "bad" dish. We all agreed that it tasted the way stink bugs smell. lol

    1. Had dinner at Cuvee recently and it was awesome; look for the endive soup!! Absolutely amazing.

      1. I've not done Pelican Club, so you must fill in the blanks. Between Cuvee (good, but not great), I'd opt for Restaurant August. On last visit (and review), the sommelier's pairing was a bit on the weak side, but Chef Besh has a new sommelier and she is getting really good reviews. Food was excellent, and wines migh now be the same.



        1. The only one I've been to was Pelican Club and that was for an anniversary too. It was great. Definitely an underrated option in the quarter.

          That said, I've read so many great things about August that I can't wait to try it next time I'm there.

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            We had Pelican Club on the radar about 3 trips back. All of a sudden, CH had some really negative comments, so they fell off the list. Now, they are getting props again. Change? New chef? Different reviewers? Can't say, but will now try to fit them in on the next trip. Same thing for NOLA, as that is the only Emeril restaurant that we've never done. Gotta' go, just to see for myself.


          2. August. The other two are very good, but August is spectacular.

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              The order in which you list them, is the order in which I'd recommend them..