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Sep 22, 2009 03:37 PM

Visiting Portland from LA, need recs

I'm visiting Portland end of Oct and would love to know where to eat. We are looking for a delicious dinner for two or three nights. We don't eat meat but fish is OK. If there is a Sardinian restaurant, please let me know as we don't have one in LA. I love seasonal, farmers market driven restaurants but also love the quirky meals i wouldn't think of eating at home. I'm also into being gluten free so i'm down to try restuarants who cater to that however it's not a main concern of mine, just a place i'd like to support.
I'm not looking for korean, mexican or sushi as we have lots of great places in LA. i love small plates (though that's not required), and good wine, definitely good wine. another thing will be coffee- i don't know where we are staying so i can't ask about that yet but if anything stands out as being exceptional please let me know. i'd also be happy to take some beans back to LA with me as i'm having trouble finding decent coffee beans here. THANKS!!!
Also, my friend mentioned a famous donut shop? Details please!

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  1. You're gonna love Eleni's. It focuses on the cuisine of Crete. Great seafood and small plates, right in the Pearl District.

    The famous donut place is Voodoo, which is not far from Elenis. It's more of a late-night dessert place than a breakfast place. A spot for late-night people watching if there ever was one.

    As for coffee, just find some Stumptown and you'll be good to go. That's not to say there aren't many other terrific roasters out there, but Stumptown beans are easy to find.

    1. My go-to places for coffee are: Stumptown, Albina Press, Coffeehouse Northwest, Barista, Ristretto, Extracto, and Spella. You can get Stumptown beans just about anywhere in Portland. Extracto and Ristretto roast their own and you can get it at their coffee bars.

      I wonder if you'd like Andina, which serves upscale Peruvian food--I think they have a lot of fish and gluten free options (see and serves a lot of small plates as well.

      1. I just saw Bourdain in Sardinia and unfortunately to the best of my knowledge Portland doesn't have any Agritourismos??? The PSU farmers market is ripe, lots of produce right now!!!

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          I still have that Bourdain/Sardinia show on my DVR, i need to see it! Where are the portland farmers markets? I LOVE checking out FMs wherever i visit. Any for friday, saturday or sunday would be great.

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            I don't know of any markets on Fridays. On Saturdays, the big one is the Portland Farmers Market in the park blocks near PSU downtown. Other bigger markets on Saturdays are Beaverton and Hollywood. Sundays are Irvington, King, and Hillsdale. You can find info about most of the markets here:

        2. Perhaps it would be prudent to follow in the footsteps of some esteemed LA food bloggers.

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          1. I have some more info: We are staying at Hotel DeLuxe and going to places on 6, 5, and 3rd ave. So that's my location if anyone can think of any other recs, please let me know. Thanks!