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Sep 22, 2009 03:34 PM

New Charleston Restaurants

Here are some of the coming restaurants I'm excited about:

1. Introdaqua - a new Italian seafood restaurant by Ken Vedrinski to be located in the Cigar Factory, opening Feb 2010

2. World Oriental Kitchen (W.O.K.) - sort of a local's Asian version of Moe's opening soon on King Street

3. a new Thai restaurant by Crew Carolina to be located in the old Boathouse on Eastbay

4. Amen Street Raw Bar - Crew Carolina's casual seafood joint to be located in the old East Bay Crabhouse. Seemingly similar to Pearlz.

Any other news from the grapevine?

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  1. Brett Mckee, chef/owner of Oak Steakhouse downtown, is about to open "17 North" in Mt. Pleasant.

    1. Vespa Pizzeria--a woodburning pizza place on Daniel Island with a focus on local ingredients, sort of like EVO but with more non-pizza items. Helmed by a couple of Rue de Jean/Fat Hen/Wild Olive alums. Supposed to open any week.

      Basil-the sequel, slated to open up in Mt. Pleasant in early 2010. Somewhere in the Seaside Farms center I think.

      BTW, anyone know when the new Bowen's Island buidling is going to be ready?

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      1. re: Low Country Jon

        I was originally told the new building at Bowen's will be open in time for oyster season, However, I was there one day before they started serving oysters and the building was nowhere near done. So maybe before the end of the year?

        1. re: lizzy

          I just wanted to give an update on Bowen's, I have been there again since my last post. I overheard the owner tell a customer that they will be closed for a month or so while they move into the new building. I was under the impression this was happening somewhat soon, but I did not hear a date mentioned. If anyone plans on heading over there, you might want to call first.

      2. Unless Basil MP is going into existing space, don't bet on them opening in 2010. There is a sign stuck into grass in the Seaside Farms shopping center, proclaiming the site to be the location of Basil. The sign has been there for 18mos....the lot is still all grass.

        1. Asian Flavor on 17 has been bought by actual Thai people. It's great and delivery is available.

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            1. re: charlestonfoodcompany

              Near the intersection of 17 and 526. It's on the frontage road on the right if you're heading north. It's next to Blockbuster. You'll be glad you did.

              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                Has this sell transaction taken place in the last six months? If so, I'll give them a second try.

                1. re: JayL

                  Not sure about the sell time frame. I got the rec @ a month ago.