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Sep 22, 2009 03:05 PM

Munich updates?

We're planning our annual quick trip to Munich at the end of October and wondering how things currently fared at the Weissesbrau Haus in regard to the cooking. This place had previously been our favorite, and while we still enjoyed the Weissewurst in the morning and the beer, the change in kitchen and menu was not for the better -- both of us were quite disappointed and a couple local folks we spoke to had felt the cooking had gone badly downhill.

Any reports from the last month or two as to how it fares now? While we will certainly go for the beer, it would be nice if the kitchen were also back on top.

Any other newish places in the center of town worth knowing about? Our usual haunts besides Schneider are Der Pschorr (which we found and loved last fall), Andechs am Dom, and the Nurnberger bratwurst place by the church.

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  1. We just ate at Der Pschorr a couple of weeks ago and it was absolutely excellent. The roulade was outstanding, as was the fried apple dessert we tried.

    1. I've eaten at Weisses Brauhaus three times now and each time the food has been just awful. The sausages had gristle in them, the hollandaise on the asparagus was broken, and the duck was really greasy. Plus the waitresses are unbelievably surly. Maybe I am missing something, as it remains ever popular. I do love their beer though. I guess maybe that explains it.

      I love Nuremburger Bratwurstglockl.(And they serve Augustiner beer.) If you want to try weisswurst, I would recommend Zum Spockmeier on Marienplatz. It is kind of a touristy location but a lot of little old German ladies meet there on Saturday mornings so you know it's good.

      1. too bad about Schneider. last year i had Böhmerwaldschmaus there [ ] and it wasn't too terrible. have you been to Spatenhof and Augustiner [not the one on the main shopping drag]? i liked the Gesottener Tafelspitz mit Meerrettich. Wirtshaus Ayinger is another favourite of mine. though ate there only once, the other 2 times it was for more of their beers.

        Hacker-Pschorr is another glorious place.

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          Behemoth -- the weisswurst at the Weisses Brauhaus is still among the best. We've never found the waitresses surly -- just business-like and not inclined to have time to chat -- in the 10+ years we've been going there. But yes, we were disappointed in the other food last year ... hence I was hoping it had gone back to its previous overall excellence.

          My husband does like the Nuremburger Bratwurstglockl, as I said, but not Spockmeier.

          Pata Negra -- I do like Spatenhaus am der Opera. I think it's one of the best Bavarian places we've been too, although it's been a few years. Unfortunately my husband prefers the bigger beer-hall atmosphere (or small, but beer-centric like Andechs am Dom).

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