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Sep 22, 2009 02:56 PM

Best soup in Dallas

Ah, fall and soup weather will soon be here (I hope). My vote for best soup in Big D goes to the marshmallow soup at Rise No. 1. Anything else come close?

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  1. I am not saying all of these are good as yours or even the best but here is an earlier post that might prove helpful in your quest.

    On it is a link to another previous post I (soulslinger) had begun so...with two pretty lengthy lists it should give you several recommendations for one singular soup or some not on your radar as of yet.

    1. Field pea and ham soup at SMOKE, FTW!!!

      1. PHO, I can't get enough of it in the Fall.

        1. I crave The Grape's mushroom soup during cool weather.

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            I agree with Bluff. The Grape's mushroom soup is awesome. I have gone for just that alone.