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Sep 22, 2009 02:53 PM

Fore Street prices?

Can anyone tell me an average dinner at Fore Street for two adults assuming maybe a couple drinks or moderately priced glasses of wine each? I don't even know if they'll do gift certificates as the website doesn't mention, but I'm trying to arrange for a gift meal for a couple going to Portland. If there's some sort of gift certificate option, it doesn't have to 100% cover everything, but a VAST majority of the bill would be ideal and I can't seem to find any discussion of the prices. Would $200 work?


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  1. When I go, I often get an app, entree and dessert with 1 cocktail and 2 wine and spend about $90-100. Figure $8-10/drink, $15 app, 25 entree and 9 for dessert. Two for $200 would be fine, they will eat well but not be able to get a bottle of wine...

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      Noreaster, thanks - that is perfect! Thanks for breaking it down...that was a great help!

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        I think a bottle of wine is doable. Do the math:


        That leaves about $100 to spend on drinks/wine.

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      1. It would work. But I might gently suggest that if you want them to have an enjoyable experience for $200, you consider the vastly superior 555. I have found Fore Street to have terrible service and merely adequate food. Really disappointing, given its reputation.

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          I have to gently dissagree...after several experiences at both Fore and 555 least to me...555 seems far less professional both in food and service than Fore street...

          Now...all things consiodered we are discussing comparisons between two places that operate at a pretty high level...I've just felt the food at Fore Street and the service level is better...two weeks Fore...sweetbrteads and braised pork bellies...and a pork chop fcor $35 and I didnt care.

          I san compare the ambiance/service and food with other restaurants on a national level...

          555...Brunch a week later...stale baked goods, innattentive but the bloody mary was superb. A good restaurant for Porland but just can't get enthisiastic about them outside of Maine...

          PS:By the way... Rabelais ...the cook book thats a business that is absolutely world class...any visit to Portland requires a visit...and easy walk after breakfast or after eating 3 or 4 croissants at Superior Bakery. Yea..I know

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            Interesting. Funny how different people can have such different experiences! I've never been to brunch at 555 - perhaps that's a different ball of wax.
            But we definitely find common ground on Rabelais!

            1. re: justoneguy

              I love both 555 and Fore Street equally. Does one have to be better than the other? Can't they both co-exist in such a fabulous foodie city?