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Sep 22, 2009 02:53 PM

Suggestions for wedding rehearsal dinner for 25 people

My fiance and I are getting married in NYC next May in a small, lowkey wedding (think rustic garden party).

I'm looking for a fun place to have our rehearsal dinner for around 25 people (our ceremony is at the Cherry Hill Fountain in Central Park and our reception is at the stable/garden at Frankies Spuntinos in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn).

Any suggestions? Our wedding party is mostly in their mid 20's, so it's a young, energetic crowd. We're open to anything from Mexican to thai to BBQ (it need not be super fancy locations, just good food/atmosphere). Most of our guests will be staying at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, but we'll be up on the UWS for the actual rehearsing part.


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  1. My husband and I got married in DUMBO and had our rehearsal dinner at Water Street Restaurant. The food was "good" (not outstanding), but the menu appealled to all and the back room hold 25 people comfortably. I heard Frankie's is great, but they want a cash only deposit and I wasn't comfortable with that at the time (you can't get your money back).