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Sep 22, 2009 02:53 PM

W hotel/child friendly

Would love some great recommendations for dinner/lunch that would also be fun for a sophisticated 4 year old. Less meat and more fish would also be a plus. We are staying at the W Hotel not French Quarter. Thanks

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    1. UNITED is 504/522-9771 my bad

      Both John Besh & Emeril Lagasse have kids your age and can do a food-savvy kid portion of whatever for you at any of their restaurants if you ask them to. I would imagine you will be doing an earlier dinner kid in tow so this could be done without it being a problem. Sometime we've been charged 50% less the menu price and sometime not charged at all. Besh's Domenica might be especially good since it's a hotel restaurant and therefore be accomodating to all age ranges......the hotel is great and a field trip into itself for all.

      A great place could be patio dining at the Napoleon House as they can
      move about in the patio & you can keep your eye out for them. Also dining on the balcony
      at Muriel's as the food is very good and the activity in Jackson Sq will keep a kid
      "engaged" and they can't get away! Same for the Green Goddess in the FQtr although
      the inside seating is small.

      A great breakfast place with kids is the New Orleans Cake Cafe on Chartres St in
      the Marigny., Take a cab (United 544-9771) and you could walk back.
      A Humidity T shirt (skateboard store in FQtr) would be the "trend" take home souvenier.

      Other kid info: If you do the Insectarium, they do have a critter kitchen behind the snack bar (the snack bar is very low key), check it out before to see when they are doing a demo - great fun for the adventuresome food eater. On a regular day, it takes maybe 1 - 2 hrs to do the complete run. If you do the aquarium, allow for 2 1/2 hrs - the food there is
      nothing but a miniBurgerKing and bad pizza - nasty. If you do a IMAX movie (which are all great) - they at least have a choice of drinks, juices, etc.

      We have a 12 yr old who has been doing NO restaurants since Clancy's at 6 weeks, it's
      all do-able. You might want to bring a quiet activity for him (coloring paper and washable
      markers) and dress them up a bit as the service personell seem to appreciate the effort.

      Thanks for visiting and spending $$ in NO.

      1. Humidity is on the same (500) block of Dumaine that Meltdown Popsicles is on. Perfect!

        1. We have 5 children and have taken them to many upscale restaurants in NoLA including Commander's Palace for brunch, Bayona, Emeril's and Brigtsen's. Dick and Jenny's has a children's menu and fabulous "grown-up" food. Many restaurant's are child friendly, especially for a well behaved 4 year old. I have found that either outdoor dining, lunch/brunch times, or an early dinner are best for a little one.

          1. You must walk to Cafe du Monde with you child. Although jfood cannot grasp the concept of a "sophisticated 4 year old" the powdered sugar all over mommy and daddy may bring your child back to being a kid.