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Better Bulk at Woodbine & Danforth - anyone been?

I noticed a new shop on the south side of Danforth, just west of Woodbine, across from Loomis & Toles. Haven't had a chance to go in yet, but maybe others have...

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  1. Haven't been by yet but according to the local community news, the place is "funky and ultra clean, items are affordable with no excess packaging and lots of organic and fair trade choices. Suggestions and orders are welcome. .... care is taken to handle the nuts and other allergens so as not to contaminate other items." They carry Harmony Organic Milk.

    lol, btw I still call that place Loomis & Toles too as do all my neighbours even though ownershop/signage has changed.

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      Hahahaha, I knew it had changed, but forgot, and I can't even remember what it's called. Anyway, it's across from the Loomis & Toles clone...

      Will have to make it by there. Sounds promising.

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        This place sounds like a clone of "Foody's" in Pickering, the "upscale", overpriced answer to Bulk Barn. I do wonder if Foody's will last out here though, as it never seems to have a lot of customers....

      2. 2035 Danforth Ave. I think the 'add a restaurant' facility is frozen while it undergoes renovations.

        1. It's definitely a great, much-needed addition to the neighbourhood. Along with the aforementioned Harmony Organic (in bottles!) they have an excellent selection of bulk foods, including fleur de sel, organic apricots (much tastier than the regular), I Deal coffee beans, gluten-free products and some organic groceries (Cocoa Camino chocolate bars, cooking oils). Very friendly owners and decent hours, too.

          1. I've been - well rounded bulk store, eco friendly. Also, they sell great coffee, and if you bring your own container, eco-friendly laundry cleaner. Affordable, and easy to navigate as well. I'm converted.

            1. I like this store. They have a great selection, prices are good and the guy who runs it is very friendly and really cares about his customers. They have Bubbies pickles too. Yay!

              1. I got some fleur de sel there a while back, just a short walk away. Previously, I would have had to drive somewhere to get something like that. It's a great place to have in the neighbourhood.

                1. I make an excuse to go in there almost every day. It is run the way a store should be run. Tell Brian or Erik what you would like them to carry and if possible, they will get it. I am addicted to unhomogenized milk in glass bottles. It takes me back to my childhood in the 50s. Google it to read about the benefits of not homogenizing milk.

                  1. The owner(s?) really know how to run a business. I just hope the lack of pedestrian traffic doesn't screw them. Their prices are really good, and selection not bad.
                    Every time I've been in, they're super friendly and as another commenter stated, they will try to accommodate requests. I wish they had a slightly larger selection, but this should grow as the business grows.
                    We NEED a good bulk store in this area. There's a pricier, less spotless place just east of Maine. There's also Bulk Barn at Vic Park, but they too are more expensive.
                    For a couple of years I'd been going to Pape for the awesome store there. Inexpensive in general and a really, really good deal on raw almonds (I still go back for these once a month).
                    Better Bulk if you're listening. Would you please, please give us a deal on almonds?? I hate the commute to Pape and the bustling end of the Danforth. But most of all, please just stay in business. I need you in my neighbourhood.

                    1. I can't say enough good things about this place. It's nice to see them expanding their items. I go here instead of the Carrot for a lot of items now and the customer service is great. We always feel welcomed, which is key to a successful business and repeat customers. And the prices are totally reasonable. I've never seen Seventh Gen diapers for so cheap (sorry for the non-food related point).

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                        Oh, thanks for the info. I have a baby on the way... I must get in there. What food items do you buy here instead of at the Big Carrot? How do prices and quality compare?

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                          I buy the organic rice cereal/barley/oats from there for the baby. I have a toddler as well and I purchase a lot of his organic snacks from there - sulphite free dried apples, raisins, dried mangoes, fig bars. I usually pick up canned tomatoes, pasta and pasta sauce sauce and natural cleaning products from them. They recently started carrying Rowe farm meats and eggs, so we'll go there instead of the Carrot for those items :) I find prices are comparable, if not cheaper.

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                          I too was trilled to discover this place (on my way to the Thursday farmer's market) and am so delighted that prices are lower than the Carrot. As others have noted, the place is spotless, well organized, and the service is wonderful. A real gem in this neighbourhood

                        3. Better Bulk is a gem.

                          Decent product selection, reasonably priced, from ownership that appreciates the business -- as reflected in friendliness at the checkout. How strange to shop where it's not an indifferent anonymous transaction.

                          As for other comments that have been posted, I always presume a store to be clean. If this is typically not the case, then maybe the spotlessness at Better Bulk is a result of the caring hands-on running of the place.

                          Pricing is good, which is just more smart business. In this neighborhood there is a market for this kind of store but these customers will have a threshold for pricing before going to "cheaper" regular retailers. I generally expect prices to be higher at this type of store but they are not at all.

                          As eastmaestro states it's run the way a store is supposed to be run. I am going to remind all my friends and neighbors of this. I'm a convert and it's one of my regular stops from now on.

                          1. I worry that they will overextend themselves trying to be all things to all people. Remember, they probably don't have the capacity to compete with The Carrot.