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Sep 22, 2009 02:50 PM

Suggestions for wedding rehearsal dinner for 25 people

My fiance and I are getting married in NYC next May in a small, lowkey wedding (think rustic garden party).

I'm looking for a fun place to have our rehearsal dinner for around 25 people (our ceremony is at the Cherry Hill Fountain in Central Park and our reception is at the stable/garden at Frankies Spuntinos in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn).

Any suggestions? Our wedding party is mostly in their mid 20's, so it's a young crowd. We're open to anything from Mexican to thai to BBQ (it need not be super fancy locations, just good food/atmosphere). Most of our guests will be staying at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, but we'll be up on the UWS for the actual rehearsing part.


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  1. How about congee bowery or congee village? They have multiple party rooms, will work with you on a family style menu, and the party rooms come with free karaoke. Sounds like a fun rehearsal dinner to me!

    1. Jen -
      I just went to a really nice rehearsal dinner at The Grocery in Carroll Gardens. I was in a lot of weddings this summer and this was my favorite rehearsal dinner of all. We had the place to ourselves, drinks on the back patio followed by a three course meal in their small front dining room. perfect for 25 people.

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        I think we'll be checking out The Grocery!I've heard wonderful things about the place, but I haven't been yet. Thanks for reminding me, we'll check it out soon and I'll report back :-)

        Best, Jen