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Sep 22, 2009 02:07 PM

Korean BBQ help

Need some CH input here. I've been to Korean BBQ in Koreatown more than a few times but was looking for some help.

I've been to the place with the red (?) awning on the corner of 32nd and Broadway...I remember it having multiple floors. And an Internet search hints that I've been to Kang Suh as well.

Here's the thing: It's for 12 guys on a Friday night so it needs to accommodate, ideally in a separate room (although not a dealbreaker), the entire group with a reservation and yes, it has to be in Koreatown (we're doing karaoke around there afterwards).

What do you guys suggest? What's the best food? what's best for a big group?

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    1. re: smokeandapancake

      Kunjip has a brown awning and is closer to 5th Ave. The place that the OP is describing does sound like Kang Suh (as it has multiple floors and is on the corner of 32nd and Bdwy), but the awning is green.

      To the OP, I think Kang Suh is fine for your group thing. Another place you may want to consider is Madangsui. There's no private room, but there are shades you can pull down if guys want a bit more privacy.

      ETA: I haven't been to Kang Suh in a while, and just learned they replaced their charcoal grills with gas. Hmmmm. In light of that new info, I would pick Madangsui. They do use gas, but the quality and meat and the banchan is superior. If charcoal is important to you, I believe Won Jo still uses it (but it's been about two years since I've had BBQ there, so things could have changed).

      1. re: Miss Needle

        madangsui is good, but ive got a new recommendation (going to write a long review on it soon)

        go to don bogam, its on 32nd between 5th and madison. It's definitely the best sam gyup sal in the city (pork belly) and their kalbi is probably comparable to madangsui. Panchan (small dishes) is better at madangsui, but the daegu tang (fish soup) was actually quite good.

        Its also probably the nicest bbq restaurant in ktown and also you don't come out smelling like a bbq b/c of the vent system which pulls down very close to the grill

        if you want charcoal, id go to ny komtang...its the best charcoal place in the city although i think the food is better at don bogam or madangsui

        1. re: Lau

          Oh cool. Thanks about mentioning Don Bogam. I haven't tried that one yet.How is their sam gyup sal compared to Tong Sam Gyup Gui in Queens? And I'm assuming that the BBQ is gas.

          And I totally forgot about NY Komtang. But last time I was there was more than 10 years ago (where my date griped on and on about cooking his own meal over a grill!). Glad to hear that they're still using charcoal.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            its not as good as tong sam gyup gui, but its still pretty good...they have a wine marinated sam gyup sal, i def recommend going...going to write up full review soon

            btw i can't wait to go to tong sam gyup gui, its been a while and ive just been waiting for it to get cold going to post up there for 2-3 hrs with friends and drink a bunch of soju ageshi style, been planning it for a while

            1. re: Lau

              Don Bogam is a lot closer to where I live than Tong Sam Gyup Gui. So I'm really looking forward to reading your report soon. Hmm... wine marainted sam gyup sal. Sounds interesting. Have you tried their spicy kalbi there?

              He he. Funny about you doing up TSGG ajushi-style. You're obviously more comfortable about it than I am. I've told myself that I'll punch the first person who calls me an ajuma and have been trying to avoid doing ajuma-like things. But I guess one cannot escape the inevitable. In a few years, I'll be at TSGG in my Darth Vadar visor, short perm, SAS shoes and elastic pants pushing other patrons out of my way to get to my favorite table while muttering "Aye-gu."

              1. re: Miss Needle

                haha the whole reason that came up is b/c the first time we went there thats what every table was except for us, we must've been the youngest table by 20-30 straight up dudes that have been there for 2-3 hrs drinking soju and periodically eating the whole time

                we were like we need to get involved in that type of ridiculousness, it looks fun

                back to the original question, i have not tried it and i didn't even notice it, but i wonder if its good? never seen that even in LA...btw that wine marinated thing is somewhat common, ive seen it at a bunch of restaurant. supposedly tong sam gyup gui marinates theirs in miso