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Sep 22, 2009 01:54 PM

Moon Cakes for Autumn Moon Festival

Hey there,

Just returned from Hong Kong with my hoard of moon cakes as I've done in years past, only to have them confiscated this time by customs because they contained egg yolks. Avian flu they said. While looking to replenish the supply in Chinatown, I saw a number of bakeries that seem to make their own. Has anyone tried any of them and any recommedations?


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  1. Sammy, my condolences for your mooncake loss. It’s absurd for them to think that cooked salted egg yolks could possibly contain bird flue. Fact is, most cakes and cookies contain eggs in the batter – that doesn’t stop us from importing Chinese baked goods. I would have gone ballistic if they tried to pull that on me. How did they even know they contained egg yolks?

    Anyway, to answer your question: for mooncakes I like the Chinatown bakery near the big arches (Sorry, I can never remember the names). Around this time last year they had some smaller ones made in flavors different than their usual ones just for the holiday. I wonder if Boston’s transfat ban has forced them to change their recipes. (I’m guessing they were made with the now-banned Crisco or hydrogenated lard.)

    1. Honestly, I think buying the imported tins of mooncakes are just as good if not better than what they make in the bakeries. Plus you get more variety. Many of the tins are imported from HK, so you might be able to replace some of the same ones you lost.

      I find the bakeries' versions here to be somewhat blah. I'm not a huge mooncake fan - find them too heavy and just too much - so maybe I'm not the best judge. My mom much prefers the ones imported than buying from the local bakeries.

      1. My favorites are the ones from Ho Yuen Bakery. I adore the lotus seed paste with double yolks...

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          the ones with lotus paste are my favorite too. i usually get them across the street at hing shing pastry. i'll have to try them at ho yuen bakery

        2. For a huge selection from HK, go to Foodpak Express. They had some 20 different brands right at the entrance when I was there on Friday. The link is

          Anybody knows any place that carry mooncakes made in California instead of China?

          1. By far the best Mooncakes I have had in Boston are from Yi Soon in Allston. Numerous varieties with many different and interesting fillings and quite fresh. Really delicious. Not your usual leaden mooncakes.

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              Mooncakes aren't supposed to be leaden?