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Sep 22, 2009 01:47 PM

Roadtrip up towards Quechee, VT for leaf peeping

Taking a roadtrip up towards Quechee VT in a few weeks from central CT. Will be going up 91. Any food stops along the way that we shouldn't miss. Probably turn in and head down route 7 on the way home. Thanks!

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  1. I've heard the Brattleboro farmers market is really good. If you bake, I would include a visit to King Arthur Flour in Norwich. And a few weeks might be too late for color. Looks early here in NH.

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    1. re: dfrostnh

      I absolutely concur about King Arthur Flour. Other than that, I know little about that part of the state. :) I should do some "staycations" down thataway. :)

    2. Brattleboro VT has quite a few good places to stop. Do a search on this board, lots will come up. A wide range -from Korean, to Jamaican, to a great bakery with sandwich and soup. I have enjoyed Shin-La Korean/Japanese restaurant, Vegetarian Paradise Caribbean place (check their hours if a weekend), Amy's bakery. The food coop has hot food bar with good choices too, quick and easy.

      1. Farmer's Diner !!!
        Simon Pierce Restaurant
        Woodstock Inn & Resort Dining Room

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          You are absolutely wrong in recommending Farmer's Diner and Simon Pierce! Farmer's charges for REAL Maple Syrup and Simon Pierce's food is the most bland and tasteless over-priced dribble I have ever tasted.

        2. Simon Pierce in Quechee is outstanding both for the quality of its food and the fabulous view that looks out to the Quechee Gorge and dam. Good wine list and excellent wait staff. Not cheap!

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            Quechee Gorge is about as viewable from Simon Pearce as Russia is from Wasilla, AK. Just sayin'. But the views of the dam are indeed lovely.

          2. Yes, Farmer's Diner! I only wish they had more local selections, and many of the local options they have an upcharge for ordering. There was a great water buffalo farm in South Woodstock, but he has moved the buffalo to Quebec and is now raising only lambs there. You may want to call to see if any of their products are still available there though...

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              I only wish they served REAL maple syrup for free instead of charging you $1.75 for 2 tablespoons! Outrageous! If you want to eat in the best restaurant in Quechee then go to Firestones, it is by far superior to anything in the region AND they serve REAL MAPLE SYRUP FREE OF CHARGE!