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Sep 22, 2009 01:43 PM

Help - Dinner tonight: The National or Farm 255

Thoughts? The other options I was considering were La Dolce Vita and Last Resort....

Opinions wanted and needed...soon :)

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    1. It's probably too late (sorry I didn't read this sooner) but I love the Last Resort, I always have a good meal (and cake!) there. I would suggest the National over Farm 255, it tends to get really great reviews.

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      1. re: bluemoon4515

        i never did respond to this...sorry! thanks for your thoughts. i ended up eating at the bar at the national. i had butternut squash soup, a flatbread special, and a cheese. it was really really yummy. my only complaint was that the service was a bit strange. among other weird things...i asked the bartender to pick a cheese from the selections and surprise me (which i tend to do a lot with cheese menus). when she brought it over, she didn't even tell me what the cheese or the accompaniment was...just a bit odd, in my opinion. but the food was excellent. i'm from philadelphia and the national would fit in just great here...and we're a total foodie restaurant town. thanks again! i get to athens a few times a year for work, and definitely still want to try last resort and la dolce vita. i stay at the Hilton Garden Inn right downtown, so I can walk to a lot of places. all suggestions welcome. i'll be back in january/february!

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          Definitely go to La Dolce Vita. It's a steal at lunchtime when most everything is about $8, and it's all fantastic. I've been to the Last Resort a few times and it's fine, but the menu is just not very interesting to me. If you like Korean food, skip the teriyaki specials designed to attract students, and try the Korean home cooking (soups and a few other things) at Eat Hibachi downtown on Broad St. It looks like it'd be the usual mediocre generic Asian fast food joint, but don't let its looks deceive you.