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Sep 22, 2009 01:38 PM

Best "affordable" steak in Baltimore?

Usually, when the subject of steaks comes up, one's thoughts go to the "usual suspects" - the upscale "bring your expense account" well-known chains. If, however, one does not have an expense account, where in Baltimore is the best "value for money spent" on steaks? Note that I'm not setting a price point, as sometimes paying a little more gives a much bigger value. I'm also not ruling out the chains, just hoping that they have some competition.

I post this hoping that perhaps we can cast some fresh light on places that we may take for granted, or places that leave one saying "Who knew the steak would be so good here?", or some little local gem that leaves one singing (with apologies to John Denver and vegetarians everywhere) "Thank God I'm a carnivore!"

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  1. My favorite place for a steak in the city is Petit Louis. I like the steak au poive for $22.

    Does that match either your "affordable" or your "who knew" criteria?

    While not steak, I can't beat the brisket at Andy Nelson when I'm craving beef.

    1. Woodberry Kitchen is on our list, but only if you are on board with local and grass-fed. We
      re fans, but I also understand people really used to corn-fed might object.

      I overheard someone who's opinion I respect trumpeting a surprisingly good steak dinner at Ale Mary's. Also Corks does Steak Night, Tuesday I think.

      And I'll second the PL recommendation too.

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        Corks steak night is Tuesday, It's half price steaks and half price cabs, and it's excellent.

        1. re: JonParker

          i second corks tuesday steak night. it is seriously worth it, i had the ny strip. i stayed away from the cabs due to the fact that i knew one of their half price bottles is $10. they had it marked "half price" at $12 a glass.

          anyone ever try corks wednesday night pasta special? have been wondering about that one..............

      2. Had a really excellent steak at Jack's for one of their sunday special entrees. All indications would point to their normal menu steak ($18) being good as well. Although the normal menu one is done sous vide, and I'm pretty sure the sunday special wasn't, so... forewarning. (Has personally never had anything prepared sous vide).

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          Stay away from the sous vide Filet at Jack's, there is no reason to take such a tender piece of beef and prepare it that way (also no searing). They also do a flank or skirt sous vide which might be better. I will try on my next visit.

        2. Peter's Inn always has a solid steak.