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Sep 22, 2009 01:25 PM

Chef Geof's-DC

I'm stepping outside of my "outer boroughs" chow adding a comment about Chef Geof's. My mother-in-law lives in DC and her favorite restaurant is Chef Geof's. Everytime we visit from NY she insists that we go there...and I'm fine with that. I have now been 4 times and I'm not trying to kiss up to my MIL, but I really like this place. I've made a concerted effort to alway try something different on the menu and have never been disappointed. It seems like fresh food and very good service.

I'm just curious if others in DC have had good experiences here? What is the general reputation?

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  1. I've been to Chef Geoff's a few times. Once or twice I've had a good enough meal but more times than not I find it just fine or ok. In my opinion there are so much better options in the area---Bistro D'Oc, Central, Ceiba etc that it's really not worth it spending my money at Chef Geoff's.

    I have also found the service lacking at times and if you get seated near the bar you have to ask to be moved otherwise run the risk of screaming at your dining partner.

    It's not bad good. It's just not good food either. I very rarely recommend it. And if someone was coming from out of town I certainly would try to steer them in a different direction.

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      I completely agree. The food isn't bad, but isn't particularly good or remarkable either. With so many better restaurants in the area (Central is usually pleasing to most people), I'd recommend going elsewhere too. I had some relatives visiting earlier in the summer who aren't very adventurous where food is concerned, and I took them to the Blue Duck Tavern (solid American fine dining restaurant) for dinner and the Tabard Inn for brunch. Fortunately, they were happy with both choices. To the OP, it might not hurt for you to suggest going somewhere new, but if your mother-in-law is set on Chef Geoff's, it sounds like you can handle it. :)

    2. Let me put it this way- it's a good place to go to to please MILs. I had a very good experience there when I was in charge of picking the restaurant for a social outing for a diverse group of my co-workers. It's very safe- almost anyone can find something they like on the menu, and the food is well-prepared, decent.

      That being said, there are so many other superlative options, especially in that area of downtown (or at least close enough), that I likely will never return to Chef Geof's- there are just too many other places I either want to try or return to. It's a great play-it-safe-and-please-everyone option, but not a destination for me to seek out again.

      1. It does do a good brunch. I have now had good shrimp and grits there and good eggs chesapeake. A little pricey for brunch, but good, and recently they have had a free mimosa special at brunch.

        For dinner I mainly stick with a few apps or a burger. It isn't bad it is what Hubby and I refer to as "GP" or general purpose food. They type of place you go with picky eaters for something safe. And nice big salads. Generally it isn't somewhere I strive to go, but I also don't vehemently protest if someone else is paying (or for happy hour).

        1. I find it to be pretty boring food and a little pricey for what you get.

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            It is unbelievable to me they have done as well as they have with what they put out. It is a great pub spot. But for fine dining, there are a ton of better places to go. I have spoken to Geoff Tracey a few times at events and he is one of the nicest guys in town. His wife, NBC's Norah O' Donnell, is equally delightful and prettier in person than on TV. That aside, he really puts out average cuisine that is mostly unremarkable.

          2. Sounds like the consensus is: MEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!