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Sep 22, 2009 01:12 PM

Resting fried food and not getting soggy

Topic says it all.

Typically when frying food, I do the upside down cooling rack bit but I find that my food still soaks up a bit of the residual oil and gets soggy if i don't eat the food almost right away.

I haven't done any frying lately but I intend on making some fish & chips in the coming week and I'm thinking of just resting the fish on some paper towel but it seems to me that the fish would just be sitting on the towel and getting soggy anyways.

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  1. Fried foods are made to be eaten right away...
    Fry your fish...drain on a wire rack...
    Place the rack and fish in a 200* oven..(If ya wanna)
    Fry your "Chips" Drain briefly.......
    It's time to eat!!!!!!