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Sep 22, 2009 01:10 PM

Downtown Dinner Prix Fixe Menu up to $70 for TOMORROW!

I'm looking for a good restaurant downtown that has a dinner prix fixe menu to hold a business dinner for a group of out-of-towners.

I've crossed 360 @ CN Tower off the list as the weather this week won't allow for nice views.
Canoe's tasting menu is over the $70 threshold.

I'm looking at Sultan's Tent but it's not my preferred location. I don't think the service and food are that great. Dhaba also has pix fixe menus but may be a bit underwhelming for the guests.

Suggestions???? Thanks!

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  1. Biff's Bistro has a prix fixe for about $35 and the food/service is good.

    1. Prix fixe usually falls in two directions, closer to $100 (tastings) or $25-30 (prix fixe). At your price range, it's better to just order a la carte. You can get out for $70 per person sans alcohol at pretty much 95% of the board favourites. Basically the default list everybody mentions....

      Nota Bene
      Harboard Room
      Splendido (teetering at the edge of your price point)

      + lots more.

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      1. re: aser

        alternatively... i'm sure all the places above would also be happy to draw up a prix fixe menu for you fitting the somewhat odd $70 mark (as noted by aser) given enough notice.

        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          Oops I forgot one place that does a $55 omakase, Solo Sushi Bekkan.

        2. re: aser

          Hmmm...ok, perhaps we can do that instead.
          Nota Bene is a big favourite of mine. Any others on that list serve "canadian" cuisine? Thanks.

          1. re: clarasev

            On the "Canadian" list you might consider the Globe Bistro. Within your price range, and they do a pre-theatre prix fixe so you may be able to arrange something if you called in advance. They have a nice mezzanine level where you might also get a little more privacy depending on the size of your party. It is a little off the beaten path, but food is good and the Danforth is a nice area. Bonus patio if the crap weather turns good.

            1. re: Rabbit

              The menu has changed slightly at Globe since I was there in August, last week I had a few items that were really enjoyable. I'd recommend the Sea Scallop Ceviche, Second Winds Farms Elk Carpaccio, and the Globe Tomato Salad appetisers. I also had a really nice soup of the day a few weeks back, but naturally that changes each day.

        3. I forgot to mention we have vegetarians in the group. Thnx.

          1. I know that Forte at York and Richmond will also do a set menu for you if you give them a call. They could come in at your price point for sure.

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            1. re: JennaBean

              Their menu is very appealing. However, the reviews I've read indicate the food/value ratio isn't very good.

              Tonight they have live jazz which would be a really nice touch. I just don't want to be told that the food was unimpressive and expensive.

              1. re: clarasev

                I've found Forte uneven (granted I haven't been in a while, but that's why). In my experience, braised dishes are best.

                Also, it tends to be very empty lately (I live nearby so often walk by). This might be OK, but it can be awkward to feel like you're the only ones in the place. I'd proceed with caution.

                1. re: Rabbit

                  I concur - when I've been there's a definite "awkward emptiness".

                2. re: clarasev

                  I've been a couple of time, but I have to say the last was in the spring. Each time I've enjoyed by meal as did my DCs. I've never left hungry, but again, I'm a woman do I may not need a much food....

              2. Le Select always has a set menu available.
                The regular menu has several vegetarian options.

                Le Select
                432 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V1E3, CA