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My daughter is vegetarian, so we would like to try the buddhist temple cooking in Kyoto. Does anyone have a particular recommendation?

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  1. I am sure there are going to be many recommendations in the vegetarian cuisine capital ! I had shojin ryori lunch at Tenryuji, Zen monastery in Arashiyama area, for 3,500 yen. It was really lovely. http://www.flickr.com/photos/tokyofoo...
    Enjoy your time in Kyoto!

    1. I liked the food best at Izusen at Daitokuji Temple. Shigetsu at Tenryuji was my favorite for the setting. http://www.bento.com/kansai/kc-kyoryo...

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        One of the best of the best of the Shojin-ryori was at the Ichijo-in temple. A one night stay, 2 measl on a temple lost on the mountain of Koya-san for 15,000.-yen per person with the hot thermal bath. The diner is very delicate, the ‘Rinpa master`mural, the early morning buddhist ceremony, the sacred mountain road…The buddhist monk can speek english fluently. http://www.itijyoin.or.jp/