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Sep 22, 2009 12:42 PM

Thanksgiving in Cleveland

Help! I'm going to Cleveland for Thanksgiving weekend and am looking for somewhere to have a nice Thanksgiving meal, whether traditional or a little offbeat. I hate the idea of dining in the likes of a Holiday Inn so does anyone know of any interesting restaurants that might be open? Thank you.

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  1. Well, we can start naming the usual last refuge for wandering holiday diners: Chinese restaurants. Siam Cafe is actually a Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai restaurant. I'm sure they're open. I wish they'd do Chinese style turkey like some restaurants in New York but you can still get lots of good Chinese food.

    Along the same lines, I suspect that Korea House and Pacific East are both open on Thanksgiving. At Pacific East I usually get either the sushi or the Malaysian food rather than the hot Japanese food. Wonton Gourmet is another Chinese restaurant with some good choices on the menu. If you like spicy food try the hot and spicy Szechuan fish.

    In addition, consider Bar Cento and Buckeye Beer Engine. Last year Bar Cento was open but with irregular hours. They didn't open until ??? I forget. It wasn't too late but it's certainly later than most people will start their Thanksgiving meals. Buckeye Beer Engine is supposed to be open 365 days a year.

    Wonton Gourmet and BBQ
    3211 Payne Ave, Cleveland, OH

    1. I think Table 45 is open for holidays, and am sure if they are, they will put together something good:

      Pacific East is very tasty. Hey sushi on thanksgiving, never thought about that. Maybe since we have no family coming this year, we will do that ourselves!

      As a side note, I did not know Wonton had the Sichuan fish. I need to get over there.